iKydz Features



ikydz Features - It's Bedtime!

It's bedtime!

iKydz allows you to set the times when kids have access to the Internet. The schedules turn on and off access for devices automatically, so once they are set, there is no more asking every night for kids to "get off your phone and go to sleep".


ikydz Features - Finally it's the weekend!

Finally it's the weekend!

You can set Bedtimes or Homework times suitable for week days and Weekends.

ikydz Features - Kid Specific

Kid Specific

Kids of different ages have different bedtimes so you can set schedules per personal device. Devices then automatically reconnect to the Internet in the morning at the pre-defined “awake” time.


Filter/Blocked Lists

ikydz Features - Filter Content

Filter Content


Apply suitable content filters to individual devices based on the age of your child. 

ikydz Features - Control Apps & Game Devices

Control Apps & Game Devices

Irrespective of which device is being used, iKydz will control Internet access whether it’s a laptop, PC, smart-phone, gaming device. Even the Smart TV can be controlled if it’s Internet connected!


Global Blocked Lists


iKydz provides you with a series of global block lists for content such as Adult, Gaming, violence & Gambling. These lists are kept up to date automatically and provide 24/7 control. Again, set it up once and iKydz looks after this type of content.


ikydz Features - My Blocked Lists

My Blocked Lists


As well as Global blocked lists, iKydz allows you add social media and other sites specific to your children's differing ages and apply them to their devices.


Internet Blocking

ikydz Features - It's family mealtime

It's family mealtime

Yes, you can actually halt all Internet access, putting conversation back on the meal time menu.



Study Time

Simply select the device and disable Internet access for uninterrupted study time.



Protect and Control

ikydz Features - Devices


Managing multiple devices is no problem.  You can even assign your children's names to the devices.

ikydz Features - Every Device Managed

Every Device Managed

iKydz will recognise any device connected to your Wi-Fi, including guest devices, and allow you manage them. This includes PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Games Consoles and even Smart TVs.


My Reports

iKydz reports provides you the parent with valuable insights relating to your children's online activity so as time online, time spent in specific service such as snapchat as well as all sites they visited. 

Note: This is an opt in service. You do not have to enable this service for iKydz to operate.



 Reduce the risk of cyber-bullying, online grooming and access to unsafe and dangerous content by managing and controlling your kids devices.