Meet the Team

John Molloy - CEO & Founder of ikydz
John Molloy

CEO & Founder

John has over 30 years diverse experience in the IT industry worldwide, and is the iKydz founder. Faced with every parent’s dilemma of how to provide and manage access to appropriate internet content for his family, John searched the web for an effective and simple solution. He concluded that the layers of sophistication and complexity involved and high levels of tech savvy required to successfully implement most of the available solutions could be improved on.

And so iKydz was born.

Jason Sheehy

Finance Director

Jason is the father of two teenage children and actively uses ikydz to manage their internet access. In the past he has run business operations including food retailing, property investment and professional services practices.

Jason is a chartered accountant with over 25 years commercial experience.

Paul Van den Bergh

Sales Director

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and has developed business interests in multiple areas including market research, import & distribution, environmental consultancy and contracting. 

He joined iKydz both as an investor and as Sales Director. Paul's focus is on marketing, sales and partner management. He has 4 kids and was one of the first people to demand an iKydz control hub and plug it in at home. 

Owen Van Den Bergh

Operations Director

Owen is a project management professional and logistics specialist, with a degree in Management Science and Information System Studies from Trinity College Dublin. He has spent 17 years in the areas of contract and project procurement, management and execution, as well as general management. Owen is also experienced in the development and implementation of integrated management systems.

Owen has 3 kids and couldn't live without his iKydz box.  "He also helps to bring the average age of the team down (slightly)."

Ola Hassan

Infrastructure Architect and Support

Ola has a B.Sc. Chemical Engineering and a M.Sc. Computer Networking. He and his team ensure all systems are operational 24*7.

We installed iKydz in his home to block him off our servers after 10 o'clock at night


Meena Chandramohan
Senior Software Architect and Developer.

Meena has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Master of Computer Applications degree. 

Meena has worked on the development of iKydz since the outset. He is our internal software guru. Meena and the software guys are continuously working on enhancements and improvements to the iKydz solutions. 


Darragh Mayne

Customer Support


Darragh has a degree in mobile communications and securities.

Darragh with the other guys looks after customer support calls that are escalated from our support partners. 


Our support partners


Voxpro manage all our front line customer support 24*7*365.

Whether you call from Melbourne, New York, Berlin, London or Castlebar, the trained team are there to help with any queries.

As parents, we listened to what other parents were worried about. Here are the main topics: e safety, cyber bullying, internet security, parental control, online safety, grooming online, porn blockers, cyberstalking, internet filters and unsafe content.