What is iKydz?

iKydz creates a safe internet for your family.

In the home

Manage internet access for an unlimited amount of devices connected to your home Wi-Fi, including phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs & game consoles. Simply plug in an iKydz Wifi Box to your existing router.

On the go

Manage Android and iOS devices outside of the home. A simple digital download and guided installation to your child’s devices.

All from one app

Manage every device from the iKydz Parent App, whether it’s connected to your home wifi or a device on the go.

Combating problems all modern parents face

The reasons parents love iKydz

Internet overuse

Most children spend too much time in front of screens online

Set internet access time

Set an appropriate amount of time that your children spend online and apply that time to all of your children’s devices.

Inappropriate Content

Children watch too much content that they should not be viewing

Set Age-Appropriate Content Filters

Set age-appropriate restrictions on YouTube as well as blocking entire web categories. Such as adult content.

Gaming Addiction

Games such as Fortnite & Minecraft, feed an addiction for most children

Set Gaming Blocks, Filters and Access Times

Set game-specific blocks to prevent use or times when your child is allowed to play.

Quality of Sleep

Content is now available 24/7 and impacts on a child's time asleep.

Set bedtime access rules

Bedtime rules are set up as standard and prevent access to the internet when a child should be sleeping.

Focus on Study

Internet and social media apps are a huge distraction for children

Set study time access

Schedule internet access or restrict apps and website content so your child can focus on studying.


Bullying is no longer confined to within the boundaries of a playground

Restrict social media & messaging

Block or limit time on social media and messaging apps to decrease the risk of cyber-bullying.


The pressure of getting likes and comments often takes its toll

Restrict Social Media

Set blocks and limits on all of the social media apps. Including TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat

Reduced Activity

With content on demand. Motivation to do physical activity is a challenge.

Limit the use of internet

Set periods of the day where the internet is not available. Giving your child motivation to get out into the real world.

Features that make your life Easier

Introducing child profiles

Set up a profile for each of your family with their own customisable colours. Assign each of your devices to a family member, and their internet rules are automatically applied to every device.

If your children have friends visit, you can even apply your child’s rules to their friend’s devices when they connect to your wifi network.


Simple Rules. Cutting-Edge Tech.

The power behind this app is cutting-edge, but what’s really smart is that it has been made simple and easy to use for every user.

  • Block or give access time to the most popular apps and websites
  • Remove unwanted apps on your child’s Android device
  • Block inappropriate content with web category filters
  • Block any website with custom web blocks
  • Set specific internet access times for each child
  • Make the web a safe place to search with SafeSearch.
  • View your family’s internet usage reports.
  • Apply different rules to each child and all of their devices.
  • Apply the same wifi rules to visiting children’s devices

Choosing your iKydz package

There is an iKydz package for every family. Choosing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Protect your family today!