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Parental Internet Control. For all ages of kids.

iKydz is the ultimate digital parenting tool, helping you to manage your kids’ online time. One iKydz smart device and one App lets you control all your kids’ connected devices. We are parents too and so we’ve made the simplest internet controller solution for every age of child.

iKydz Home Device

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Why is iKydz the best internet safety device for your kids?

iKydz is a simple smart device and app that lets you easily manage all internet security and safety for your kids both at home and when they are mobile. Here are some of the reasons why it is so great.

Single smart device & app

One simple smart device & one app that let you manage all other connected devices in your home.

Easy to use

Plug iKydz into your home router & download the app to your phone. No technical knowledge required.

Manage all devices from your phone

Control internet access & content to every device; phones, tablets, gaming consoles, TVs. All from your phone from anywhere in the world

One payment. No subscription.

You pay just once for iKydz Home. You don’t pay anything else. All updates and upgrades are free for life.


Kids are tech-savvy so we’ve made iKydz tamper-proof. There is no way around it.

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Get an introduction to iKydz

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Total internet safety for your kids.

iKydz is the best parental internet control solution to help you manage internet safety and security for your kids, no matter what age they are.

Young Kids

Parents are concerned about their kids being exposed to things on the internet that they just shouldn’t see. This usually happens by accident, as your child innocently browses the web or watches YouTube. iKydz helps you put the controls in place to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your child.


The age of the Internet means that kids of all ages need access to the web for basic schooling and other activities. Balancing your urge to protect your kids and their need for a little bit more freedom and independence is always a challenge. iKydz’s flexible parental internet control software lets you give your pre-teen their freedom whilst setting some agreed boundaries that all children need.


Teenage years are about pushing for independence. Use iKydz to work with your teenager to help them get to where they want to be. iKydz for Teenagers is designed to help them reach their goals by setting limits on the distractions of social media and online. Hours wasted on apps, websites and gaming portals could be used in another way…

iKydz Home. Key features.

Age-based restrictions

Apply age-based restrictions to your kids’ internet connected devices with one easy click. You wouldn’t want your 6 year old seeing things that your 15 year old is allowed to watch. So use our standard age-based restrictions to give you peace of mind.

Block Apps

Use our standard blocks to prevent or limit access to social media, chat rooms or other apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Yellow, Simsimi, Tinder, WhatsApp and a host of others.

Block Websites

Use our iKydz Global Block Lists to block content such as Adult, Gaming, Violence & Gambling.

Block Pop-ups

Stop inappropriate pop-ups from appearing on your kids’ screens when they browse the web or look at YouTube.

Filter Content

Apply suitable internet content filters to individual devices based on the age of your child.

Monitor Internet Use

Monitor how long your kids spent online and what they spent their time viewing using our Reporting tool.

Schedule Online Access

Easily set daily or weekly schedules for when your children are allowed to be online.

Shut off the Internet

Use our Mealtime button to give your kids a break from the Internet; shuts down for 30 minutes and then it automatically turns back on.

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iKydz Mobile. Keeping your kids safe outside the home.

Do you have older kids? Do they have mobile phones with access to 3G/4G networks? Then you need iKydz Mobile.

iKydz Mobile is an extension of iKydz Home. It has all the iKydz Home features, and allows you to manage your kids’ mobile devices if they are used outside the home. iKydz Mobile extended features include:

All iKydz Home features

iKydz Mobile has all the features of iKydz Home. Unlike iKydz Home, these can only be applied to mobile devices, such as 3G/4G enabled smartphones or tablets. But iKydz Mobile also has a few additional features to help you manage your kids’ internet usage when outside the home.


Set a geographical boundary outside of which your child cannot go. If they do go outside that boundary, you will receive an alert.

Location Tracking

When you start giving your kids a little more independence, it is still good to know where they are. If your teenager is on a night out, it always helps parents to know that they can find their kids in case of emergencies. Ease the worry with iKydz.

Panic Alert

Set a geographical boundary outside of which your child cannot go. If they do go outside that boundary, you will receive an alert.