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Keep Your Children Safe On The Internet

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Block Websites

In your iKydz Parenting App, our Global Block lists allow parents to block inappropriate content like pornography, games, apps and websites. Create your own custom blocklist to block access to certain websites that you feel are inappropriate for your children.

Power off

Hit our “meal time” button to turn your child’s Internet off for 30 mins. A perfect time for a fresh air break!

Tips for protecting your family online. iKydz Internet Safety For Children

More iKydz Home Features

Monitor Internet Usage

Monitor exactly how long your children are spending online and what they spent their time viewing.

Apply filters

Apply filters based on age. If you have kids of different ages using the internet, this feature allows you to apply suitable web content filters to individual devices based on the age of your child.

Tips for protecting your family online. iKydz Internet Safety For Children

Who is responsible for keeping our kids safe online?

We are constantly hearing news about the dangers of the internet for our children. We are hearing about online predators, depression in children as a result of cyber bullying, body image, and too much time spent online. The recent Late Late Show held yet another discussion about online safety for our kids. We all know by now that we have a serious issue on our hands, but who really is responsible for keeping our kids safe online?

  • Government?
  • Telecommunication companies?
  • Large internet service providers like Google, Facebook and Amazon?
  • Schools?

We are responsible.

Government, Online service providers, Schools, etc all have their part to play, but really, it is up to us as parents to keep our kids safe online. They are our kids and we must do our job to educate and protect them until they are old enough to do it for themselves.

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Should we just ban Smartphones?!

When there are new problems, there are often knee-jerk reactions! There have been numerous recent calls to government to ban the use of smartphones by kids under 14. Is that really the answer?
The Internet is a superb educational resource. Unfortunately it is also being abused by online predators, bullies and even our own children who are on the web for too long and often unsupervised. But blocking children from accessing the Internet is not the answer.

Why not just follow 3 simple steps instead?

  • Educate yourself – Our parent hub will help you learn about what kids are up to these days online and keep you up to date!
  • Talk to your kids – Educate your kids about what is appropriate and what is not when they’re online.
  • Use iKydz – Set some boundaries for your kids when they’re online; limit the time that they’re online and decide what they can view and where they can go.
From a great article by RTE Science & Technology Correspondent, Will Goodbody:

“Because when it comes to internet safety, in reality the best person to ensure your child remains safe is that child, and by extension you as their parent (and to a degree their teachers). 

Through education and supervision from an early age, we can and should be teaching our children how to behave responsibly online, how to protect their privacy, what it is appropriate to share, how it isn’t a good idea to interact with strangers online, etc.”

Read the full article here

Keep kids safe online with iKydz Internet Safety Keeping Brothers and sister using electronic devices while slouching on sofa at home, safe!

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iKydz Home Internet Safety Device

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