Gaming Addiction

A guide for parents on how to deal with addicting games.

Recognise The Signs of Addiction

Recognising the signs of Internet Addiction before it becomes a problem is half the battle. In an article on Internet Addiction from they recommend that you look out for some of the following signs in your children

  1. Defensiveness

    Becoming defensive when they are asked to stop playing online or leave their devices alone.

  2. Lack of motivation

    Lack of motivation in non internet related activities. Does not want to take part in any physical activities.

  3. No sense of time

    No sense of time. Constantly moving at a slow pace in real world activities

  4.  Social life is online

    When hanging out with their friends means being in a room alone talking to a friend through a screen.

    If you notice that your children are suffering from any of the above symptoms then we’ve got some extra tips for you. First of all, try not to stress and react as this will only lead to a counter reaction from your teenager.

  • Communication: Talk with your child about the dangers of Addicting Online Games
  • Encourage: other interests and social activities. – Introduce them to the “gift of boredom”
  • Use technology and parental controls to limit internet access and content.
  • Habits: Try to form the habits of your child at an early stage so they understand and accept that there are limits and boundaries on screen time

As a Parent…

As our grow up we are constantly worrying about their health and well being and on top of this, we now have all the stresses of technology to take on board too.

We know that lots of parents are feeling guilty of using the iPad or Phone as “digital dummies” to keep the kids quiet or entertained when we are tired, out for dinner, meeting with friends or whatever the case may be and that some parents feel so guilty at taking pleasure in the silence.

But heres the thing, you don’t need to feel guilty. It is a new age and times are different. Our kids will play online games, they will socialise with their friends differently to how we used to and thats okay, (to a certain extent).

The secret

Once we have set some rules and controls in place then we can rest assured knowing we are doing our best as parents.

We don’t want to punish our kids by consistently  excluding them from playing games they love.

Instead, how much better would we all feel if we lived in a world knowing our kids are enjoying the Internet but not too much, playing the games they love for an appropriate amount of time and heres the real win, talking to us again!

This is not an unimaginable world, with iKydz, this exists! Yes thats right, you can have your cake and eat it too…. Essentially…

Taking Action

With iKydz in the home, your children can still enjoy their games and devices but in moderation after a few rules are introduced.

You, the Parent, set time limitations online. From allowing your children to concentrate on homework or studies, interacting with their friends outside, to simply getting a proper goodnight’s sleep.

At meal times, when you call your little ones to the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you see their first reaction is to take out their devices. All you have to do is press our ‘Meal Time’ button to disable all Internet Devices at home and watch how their heads actually look up and away from the tunnel vision of their smartphones & tablets, to physically interact with family in conversation during an enjoyable meal.

As Parents if we saw our children addicted to drugs or alcohol, we would do everything in our power to help direct them back on the right path. So why not do the same with Internet and Gaming? iKydz is every parents solution to control time spent online and much more. See for yourself how happier your children will become when you introduce iKydz into your home.

IKydz Features

Set Schedules For Internet Usage
Meal Time Button shuts Internet off
Age Appropriate YouTube Restrictions
Block & Filter Websites

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