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iKydz CEO John Molloy

John Molloy


Every Parents Struggle

As a result of his children having unlimited and unmonitored time online, John Molloy created iKydz  to allow him to control the amount of time his children spent on the Internet as well what content and information they were able to access.

John created a device which allowed him to not only switch off the Internet at specific times (homework, meal time and bedtime) but also to monitor what his children were doing online even if the browsing history had been deleted. If he saw a site or app he didn’t find appropriate, he simply added it to the block list.

Simple parental internet control Software to help you manage your kids’ online time.

iKydz is a simple smart device and app that gives parents the ability to block websites, filter content and get some internet control. With so many devices at home, it can be really difficult to keep track of what your kids are doing online.

As parents, it is our responsibility to manage the threats the internet presents as well as creating a healthy balance of its use for our kids. Our mission was to create a simple, user-friendly tool for parents to help them manage and protect their children in the age of the internet. iKydz is the simplest and most powerful tool available to help parents achieve this goal.

With a one time fee of only €99, iKydz is the most effective tool on the market for your internet safety needs. We provide free software updates to our parental control devices so you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional features to keep the device up to date. 

We are not “i kids”, or “ikids” or “ikidz”. We are iKydz, and we make it easy for parents to parent online.

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