Back to School Tips for Parents

Getting your kids back into the school routine can be difficult. It can be a struggle to convince them to put down their phone, tablet or video game and start their homework. Luckily, iKydz has some great tips for getting your kids back into the swing of things.

Decide what apps are allowed

Sit down with your children and go through the apps and games they are allowed to use. You should be aware of each app available on your child’s device, and decide whether they are old or mature enough to use them. Here are some things you should keep in mind when deciding what apps to allow your child to use:


Firstly, you must decide if an app is age-appropriate for your child. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat may not be suitable for younger children.


It is important that you decide if your child is mature enough to use certain apps. It can be useful for parents to play around on the app to help decide if it is suitable for their children.

Research the App

Deciding whether your child is mature enough to use an app may sound simple, however, some innocent looking apps can be dangerous for children. For example, online child predators use popular kids apps such as Roblox and TikTok to contact children. We have posted blog posts on popular kids apps, where we discuss various safety concerns. They are available below:

Roblox: Available here

TikTok: Available here

Kik App: Available here

Minecraft: Available here

Set schedules on your child’s device

It is important to set offline and online schedules, to ensure your kids aren’t spending too much time on their device. By setting specific schedules, it can ensure your child is device-free during school hours, homework time and study time. iKydz allows you to create customised schedules for various devices, giving you complete flexibility. The scheduling feature makes it easy to make sure children aren’t on their devices during homework or study time.

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