Social Media usage could be behind the rise in child sleep disorders.

Technology is unavoidable amongst all ages. However, with technology comes constant communication on various online apps. According to an article by the Independent, children are spending too much time on social media, and it is having an effect on the rate of sleep disorders amongst children. According to the Independent, “experts believe we shouldn’t be demonising social media – rather we should be teaching parents to set boundaries for their children.” 

The article also states that a good sleep routine is key to getting good quality sleep. Unfortunately, with the distraction of social media late at night, children are disrupting their sleeping pattern, and damaging their quality of sleep.

Another article posted by the Guardian discusses how bedtime social media use could be harming teenagers. In this article, a study is presented explaining the impact bedtime social media has on teenagers in the UK. According to this study, the average teenager spends 1-3 hours on social media every day. Almost one third of girls spend more than 5 hours a day online, with 68% of teens in this category admitting to falling asleep after 11pm.

So, what can I do to prevent my child developing bad sleeping patterns?

To ensure your child gets quality sleep at night, it is important that they get adequate winding down time before bed. Ideally, your child should be device free for at least 1-2 hours before bed time. This sounds simple, however many parents would sympathise with the struggle of getting their child offline before bed.

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