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Tired of arguing with your kids?

Are you tired of constantly arguing with your children over the internet? Do you wish you had some simple “magic wand” that would solve all your internet problems and give you back your kids? Well now you do! 

Dad being ignored by teenage kids
how iKydz Internet safety works

Proper Internet Controls

Simply plug iKydz into your home modem and put an end to arguments over the internet. iKydz takes 5 mins to set up and gives your children full internet protection and gives parents full peace of mind!

Internet safety

Parental Controls

Parental controls are available in all forms of technology. They can be found in Apple and Android devices, PC & Laptop operating systems, Smart TV’s and more. All parents need is a couple of hours to read through all of the guides on how to set up these safety features for every individual Internet enabled device and you’re sorted.

Really? Do parents really have a couple of free hours to go through this process? 

Not to mention if you are one of the many parents out there who grew up without all of today’s technology and devices meaning you aren’t as tech savvy as your 6 year old! How are you expected to successfully set up every parental control without any issues? That’s right. We feel your head ache!

Tell you what, we have a better idea for you in one word…..iKydz !

1 device + 1 App = Total Parental Control on all internet enabled devices which will take the least tech savvy parent only 10 minutes to set up and fully protect their children from the dangers of the Internet.

Welcome to the simple world of Internet safety for children, led by iKydz. 

We offer something different in the Parental Control industry. 

Complete Safety, Full Control, Simplicity.

The Dangers Of

The Internet For Children

The harsh truth is, the majority of children around the world begin to use the Internet at a very young age. They begin from watching cartoons on YouTube which unfortunately lead on to trends that inevitably end up stumbling onto inappropriate content.

As this continues through their childhood life, their innocence is immediately and irreversibly taken. Unbeknownst to them, their behaviour quickly turns to anger, sadness, loneliness, confusion, isolation. Not the kind of emotions you would want your child to be constantly experiencing from an early age.

Let us open your eyes first to the typical day to day dangers that exist once you open that doorway to the unrestricted and uncontrolled Internet.

Trends; YouTube trends will eventually end up showing your child something inappropriate. It could be a footballer’s wife with little to no clothing or inappropriate voice overs on a well know cartoon.

Inappropriate content; Even the innocent of searches online can end up showing graphic images accidentally.

Addiction; With hugely popular games such as Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox, the addiction levels can reach astronomical heights if the time spent online is not controlled. The same addiction can be seen with social media.

Dependence; Children become so dependant on their devices that it might as well be an extra limb. Any threat of confiscation of their device can open a world of anger and uncharacteristic behaviour.

Cyberbullying; this can be found on all forms of social media or chat rooms. Education on how to deal with cyberbullies is so important.

Stranger Interaction; This will always occur right across the board. From chat rooms on video games, to strangers who troll social media sites, looking to chat to children.

Online Predators; usually disguised under a fake profile, online predators can very quickly gain a child’s trust through social media or chat rooms on online video games and begin to build a relationship with that person. At this point the situation can get very dangerous as this is the stage where the brainwashing begins. Extreme adult content is exposed to the child, they convince the child to send inappropriate photos of themselves and even manage to convince the child to physically meet up.

Brain Wash; Once a relationship is formed between an online predator and a child, the damage can potentially be irreversible. There are far too many cases around the world of children currently receiving counselling for what they have gone through and their families.

Parental Controls On Children's Devices

Now let’s view that same Internet World but introduce iKydz to the mix.

Now you, the parent, can become the online guardian of your own home. You now have the power to stop any adult or inappropriate content coming into your home. You can now control the time spent online. 

This part is extremely important as this is the key to increasing your child’s happiness, educate them on what signs to look out for with online predators and what action to take. 

You can put a stop to online gaming or social media addiction with your restrictions, education and communication. Our iKydz Parents Hub is a perfect source of free information for Parents to keep up-to-date and continue mentoring their children about Online Safety.

Children quickly realise that even with iKydz in their home, they will still have access to the Internet. The only difference with iKydz is that it’s within a safe environment so they will not be exposed to inappropriate content while they surf the world wide web.

Parents with a safe network that’s controlled using iKydz, can now allow their children to benefit from all of the good information the Internet has to offer and without feeling the constant worry that comes with the internet.

Children can benefit from a wealth of knowledge using the Internet. They can only learn what is available to them, traditionally parents, friends, school, and the wider community would have been the only gateways to learning. Now the World Wide Web gives them a vast library of material to allow them to discover new things.

Even with the dangers of the Internet, with iKydz we no longer have to fear those dangers as the content and time spent online in your home is controlled by you, The Parent.

So use the Internet, let your children use the Internet and with iKydz, you will experience a safer and healthier online world