The Time Has Come!

Exams have started! Best of luck to all the students sitting their exams!

As parents and previously as children, we understand the difficulties for focusing on studies. We are  approaching exam time which means students are stressed out with last minute studying and parents are stressed out on what they can do to help.

Are your teens struggling to put down the phone and pick up the books? If so, iKydz are here to help them, and you! We are parents too and we are also lovers of the Internet! We know how much teens struggle to “switch off” from their excessive amount of WhatsApp groups, Instagram scrolling and other social media apps.

iKydz are here to help parents and students!iKydz Home Junior Cert

Because of this knowledge, we are offering you a €10 discount on iKydz Home. This will give you full control over your family wifi and you can begin reinforcing the importance of study. Once you set some homework or study schedules, your kids devices will have limited or no access to the Internet. You can choose to allow specific websites if they need them for studying. All the while, putting restrictions on the apps and websites which are causing the most distractions.

Eliminate the arguments!

With iKydz in place, you don’t have to put up an argument to encourage your kids to study! Simply enable study schedules and they’ll be hitting the books before you know it!

he state exams begin on the 6th of June 2018. You can find the full timetables here:

Junior CertificateLeaving Certificate.

iKydz Helping Parents

We spoke to dad of 2 Mark Manning on why he bought iKydz.

Mark purchased iKydz so he could take back parental control on his family wifi. He needed his kids to focus more in school and less on apps and social media! Here’s what he had to say about iKydz.

With iKydz award-winning internet controls you can:
• Filter content
• Schedule online access
• Block unsuitable websites and apps
• Apply restrictions to YouTube
• Block or manage access to social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat
• Block and manage online gaming such as Roblox and Fortnite

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