iKydz is partnering with HomeSecure to bring you HomeConnect: Complete security for your home and the people in it.

HomeSecure offer their customers complete protection of the home, which is unique from other home security systems. Using industry leading technology, HomeSecure gives their customers a wide range of ways to protect their home. Using the house alarm app, HomeSecure customers can arm and disarm their alarm from their smartphone. The system is designed to work around you. Set the alarm to the stay mode at night, so your family can walk around with setting the alarm off. You can also view the event history in the app, so you can see if your kids got home from school on time and if they set the alarm to the correct mode.

HomeSecure offer 24/7 monitored protection for their customers, 365 days of the year. Their monitoring partners will contact you if the alarm goes off, to see if it was a false alarm or if you require the Gardaí dispatched to your home. You can have peace of mind about the security of your home, wherever you are.

Features of HomeSecure

Industry Leading Technology

HomeSecure’s wireless house alarm solution is one of the most advanced systems in Ireland and it comes with the highest possible security rating in Europe. This alarm system has wireless sensors, allowing a quick 90 minute installation.

The Home Alarm App

The HomeSecure App is free to download on Android and Apple devices, allowing you to check on your house alarm status when you’re on the move. If you ever forget to set your alarm, simply open the app and arm it, no matter where you are.

24/7 Monitoring 

Monitored homes are proven to be more secure. In 2018, HomeSecure customers were 8.5 times safer than the national average. With a response time that is second to none, enjoy peace of mind for the entire family, knowing you’re safe day and night.

Daily Health Checks 

Each day they run a health check on your alarm to ensure all your sensors are working to protecting your home. HomeSecure will know immediately if there is a problem, and can remotely fix over 80% of faults over the phone, saving you time and hassle.

They’re Better Value 

Save on your up-front costs, HomeSecure have  reduced the installation fee and parts to just €99! They can take over some alarm, keep your alarm and switch your monitoring. Upgrade your home security at a price that works for you.

HomeSecure are 100% Irish-Owned 

Their engineers have over 20 years experience installing house alarm and in a few short years, HomeSecure have grown to become Ireland’s largest Irish-owned monitored alarm company. They have over 14,000 happy customers throughout Ireland. HomeSecure are  proud to be 100% Irish-owned and to support over 50 jobs throughout Ireland

HomeSecure want to offer their customers complete security of their home; and this includes the people in it. By teaming up with iKydz, HomeConnect aims to not only provide protection of your house, but online protection too. HomeSecure is offering the complete security package for you, your house and your family.

HomeConnect: Combining Home and Internet Security for the First Time in Europe.

HomeSecure and iKydz are partnering to bring you HomeConnect; complete protection of your home and the people in it. With HomeConnect, you have the ability to manage your child’s internet usage on various devices, block and restrict apps or websites, block inappropriate content, and set online schedules.

Block inappropriate content. 
With HomeConnect, protecting your children from inappropriate content has never been easier. Simply select what device you want to block adult or age inappropriate content on, and have peace of mind that your children are protected.

Set Online Schedules. 
Struggling to achieve balance in your child’s online activity? Set online Schedules to ensure your child does not spend too much online. Using HomeConnect, you have the ability to set online schedules, and manage specific times your child has internet access. You can set multiple schedules to multiple devices, meaning you have flexibility around scheduling depending on the day, the device and the child.

Prevent Social Media and Gaming Addiction.
By restricting access to specific apps ad online games (including Fortnite and Roblox), you can prevent internet addiction in your household.

Create Filters. 

Creating filters allows you to have complete control over your child’s access to various social media apps, gaming apps, and restricted contents. You can create multiple filters and apply them to multiple devices, ensuring your filters are suitable for different children’s needs

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