How it Works

iKydz is an easy to use Internet safety device for parents and guardians. Here’s how it works.

The most powerful tool to manage Online Time And Keep Your Family Safe Online.

It couldn't be easier!

  • Purchase Your iKydz Device (€99/£89)
  • When it arrives, connect iKydz to your modem.
  • Register your iKydz account. (Click here for full details)
  • Download the iKydz App and login with your new details.
  • Connect your children's devices to the new iKydz safe network.
  • Set schedules and block lists on every device.
  • Your children are now safe online.
how iKydz Internet safety works
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Getting Started​

Plug & Protect

You don’t need to be a tech genius to protect your kids online, thats why we’re here! iKydz is designed for simple and fast setup directly from the box. In under 10 mins you will have a safe internet connection in your home. You can connect up to 250 devices right from one iKydz unit!

iKydz Pro - Internet Safety For Children. Parental Control Device.
What is Kik App? When it comes to Internet Safety For Children, iKydz is the ultimate parental control app.

Appy Days!

Once you’ve plugged your iKydz unit in, you simply download the iKydz smartphone app and you can begin applying internet filters and device schedules to your kids’ devices right away. You can even turn off your kids’ internet to give them a break from their device!  

Begin Protecting Your Kids

Once you have the app installed, you can begin protecting your kids right away. There will be automatic block lists already installed but you can create custom block lists and filters too. This is quite simply the easiest parental control on the market!

When it comes to Internet Safety For Children, iKydz is the ultimate parental control app.

iKydz Explained

A quick video explaining exactly how iKydz works!