iKydz Internet Safety

Manage All Your Children's Devices
Through A Single App

iKydz Internet Safety App For Parents

From the palm of your hand, you can block apps and games on your children’s devices. You can block Fortnite, block YouTube or set schedules on Snapchat and WhatsApp. 

As a default, iKydz blocks all Adult websites from your children’s devices so you can rest assured knowing that they will not stumble across any inappropriate content when they are enjoying the internet. 

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What makes iKydz the easiest tool to protect your children is that you can use it from anywhere. In the office, on holidays or even from downstairs in the home. Simply login to your iKydz app and click “allowed” or “not allowed” on whatever apps or websites you deem appropriate for your children. 

iKydz puts you in control of internet safety in your home. 

A once off payment of just €99 or £89 allows you to protect every single device in the house. 

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