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iKydz Meets An Taoiseach

What is iKydz?

An Taoiseach

Ahead of Safer Internet Day 2018, iKydz met an Taoiseach Leo Varadkar who gave us his seal of approval.  In recent weeks, there have been calls on the government to put a ban on smartphones for children under 14.  

With iKydz, there is no need for this ban, in fact iKydz gives parents and schools the tools to control what children are accessing online. 

As well as the device, iKydz is committed to helping parents stay up to date on all the latest apps and technology to watch out for. 

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iKydz Parent’s Hub

Education is key when it comes to parenting in the digital age.  
“10 years ago road safety was a big problem in our country. Now, the first thing a child does  in the car is puts on their safety belt. The government went about a very smart campaign and said we need to address this issue, and it’s the exact same with the mobile phones.” –

 Jason Sheehy, iKydz Director.  

ikydz in education

iKydz have teamed up with Minister for Mental Health Jim Daly in his pilot initiative to bring Safer Internet to schools in Ireland. So far, iKydz have launched in 35 schools in West Cork with the hope to bring this initiative to a national level. 

More Details About iKydz In Education

iKydz Features

Set Schedules For Internet Usage
Meal Time Button shuts Internet off during dinner time
Age Appropriate YouTube Restrictions
Block & Filter Websites 

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