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Instagram – Questions

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Questions Sticker

What is the Instagram Question Sticker?

In the last week, Instagram have introduced their most controversial update to date. The “Instagram Question Sticker”. 

To put this simple, this update allows story-watchers to ask anonymous questions on Instagram stories and then allows the user to answer these questions publicly in a subsequent post. 

To request questions from followers, the user selects the “questions” sticker located in the sticker library. Users can then type in their prompt and add the sticker to the photo or video being posted to their story.

instagram questions update

Why should parents worry about Instagram Questions?

This new feature leaves users vulnerable to being contacted by strangers online who may ask inappropriate questions. 

Aside from this, the Instagram questions feature is the perfect platform for cyber bullying to take place. 

The fact that questions can be asked and shared anonymously is just a breathing ground for cyber bullies. This is a similar feature to the very famous Ask.Fm social media site which was released some years back and was blamed for numerous suicides among young people. Read more here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/children/10225846/Cyberbullying-suicides-What-will-it-take-to-have-Ask.fm-shut-down.html

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What can I do to prevent my child using this?

iKydz are quite surprised that Instagram have released such a controversial and dangerous feature to their social media platform. 

To prevent your child from using this feature, you can block Instagram access right from your iKydz app. Click below for details. 

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