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Premium Internet Controls as Standard

All products include the full range of iKydz award-winning premium Internet control technology as standard and can all be controlled from the iKydz Parental Controller App.

Putting Parent’s Back in Control.

Not everyone has the time or know-how to set up parental controls on each Internet device separately. We do the hard work for you, bringing all your families internet devices under the control of one easy to use app. Helping you combat the following online parenting problems and more.

Our Award-Winning Products.

iKydz Wifi

Manage an unlimited amount of internet devices within your home.

Simply plug in to your existing router with no further installations to any of your devices. Control and manage internet access for every device connected to your home Wi-Fi, including phones, tablets, laptop’s, smart TV’s & games consoles. All from your phone with the iKydz Parent Controller App.

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iKydz Mobile

Manage your child’s mobile internet wherever they are.

A digital download and simple installation to your child’s mobile phone. With our revolutionary tamper-proof solution, you can track location and manage your child’s internet access on their mobile phone. Whether they’re in the home or on the go. All from your phone with the iKydz Parent Controller App.

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What Our Customers Say

I got iKydz in the house and it’s the best thing I ever bought. I can control content and limit time on YouTube, I can limit access to Fortnite, block all adult content. There’s even 1 button called Meal Time that kills the internet so my children come straight to the kitchen for the breakfast, lunch & dinner without any arguing !

The horror stories that I’ve been hearing lately regarding internet devices with no restrictions, pushed me to do something about it. I’m telling you, get this and you will have peace of mind

Emma, Dublin, Ireland

This is a must buy for any parent these days. We struggled for a long time with managing our children’s internet access. If I’m honest we never really knew how much time they were spending online and what they were seeing.

It was easy to set up.  You can then manage every device, including their Xbox and mobile phones. Set schedules, block apps and restrict the time they spend on Fortnite etc. And stop them using the net late at night. It allows you to set different schedules and blocks for each child too, which was handy as one of mine was a little older than the other.

Susan, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Brilliant product, easy to set up! And great help from Ikydz if you need it. So delighted we bought it.
Gretta, London, United Kingdom

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