With the rapid development of information technology, approximately 48% of the world population are using the Internet and over four-fifths of the world’s youth population are online (International Telecommunication Union, 2017). Although the dramatic increasing usage of the Internet facilitates many aspects of people’s lives, it brings about a growing trend of internet misuse and overuse. Unregulated use of the Internet leads to the development of symptoms such as cognitive and behavioural preoccupation with the Internet which affects everyone especially children, young ones, and teenagers. In this day and age, when we are dependent on the internet and the online paradigm for our daily activities, occupation, studies, entertainment etc., it is crucial that this internet usage should never be unsupervised and should always have a certain level of observation during its use.

The question of the hour is – ‘Does any kind of supervision on children by parents for the internet usage affect the ‘Parent-Child’ Relationship?’

Trust in the system

Parent-child relational quality refers to the nature of parent-child relationship, such as trust between children and their parents, children’s willingness to communicate with their parents and their satisfaction with the parents’ control. Unlike the Boomers & Generation Y, Millennials are and have been exposed to the realms of internet at a very early stage of their lives. Growing up in a technologically advanced world puts a lot of pressure on the kids to procure only the good services of the internet. They are too young to take decisions on what to what not to watch as they have zero experience in understanding what is right and what is wrong.

Parental Guidance is important in Cyberspace.

This is where parents come into the picture wherein, they can set a safe path forward for the children to access age-appropriate content, to avoid any overuse of the internet and do not fall into the traps of internet addiction. Considering the fact that currently education is online everywhere, you need internet for all the resources. The children are exposed to the internet anyway and it is crucial that they have access to content which helps them in their development academically, behaviourally, and psychologically. And children and parents need to understand the fact that adult supervision not only keeps the inappropriate content at bay but also inculcates a healthy family atmosphere.

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Significance of Internet Parenting

Internet has added a whole new meaning to the term ‘Parenting’. Internet parenting is equally important to a child’s development and growth. One would believe, a child growing up in a healthy and nourishing environment, has a positive outset to life. Same way, when a child is parented over the internet, they pick up healthy online behaviour, shuns misuse and overuse of the internet and has a balanced internet and family life. This can be enabled by introducing Parental Internet Control which is nothing more than parenting children in their life, except it is for their digital existence.

Enhancing Parent-Child Relationships

When children are introduced to parental control in their young ages, they tend to understand the reason behind the supervision and cooperates with the parents in other decisions as well. This creates a very healthy mutual relationship creating a harmonious rapport and a far stronger bond. Going forward, they tend to understand the reason and purpose of parental control and they also get the rational behind such a system and a structure for their internet use. And if the children have good relationships with their parents because of the control, one can anticipate children’s higher willingness to be socialized in a way in line with their parents’ expectation.

iKydz Parental Control

iKydz is exactly the system parents need to coach their children into healthy internet habits. With a few clicks on the iKydz App, you can create a robust and safe environment wherein you can enforce timely, effective, and secure internet usage without a chance of misuse, overuse, or internet addiction. iKydz provides parents with an infrastructure which does not spy on the kid’s internet usage but rather it helps them to guide their children in a non-toxic and safe online environment.

With iKydz award-winning internet controls you can:
• Filter content
• Schedule online access
• Block unsuitable websites and apps
• Apply restrictions to YouTube
• Block or manage access to social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat
• Manage access to online games such as Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft.

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