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How do I block Roblox?

As Parents, we are aware of how addictive online gaming can be.
But don’t worry, iKydz is here for your rescue.
Here is how you can either block Roblox completely or limit access…

1. Create a Filter List

  • Login to your iKydz App
  • Click the ‘Filters’ menu on the bottom dashboard
  • Click ‘Add Filter List’
  • Now give the filter list a name (example; Block Roblox)

2. Block Roblox

  • After you have given the filter list a name, click on ‘Filter List’ and scroll down until you see Roblox
  • Beside Roblox, you will see the ‘Allowed’ button.
  • Press this until you see ‘Not Allowed’
  • Click the check mark on the top right corner to save your Filter List



3. Apply to a Device

  • After you have saved your Filter list, in the menu where you were brought back to, click ‘Apply to a Device’
  • Click the device to which to want to block Roblox
  • Click the check mark symbol on the top right hand corner, twice until you are back in the main Filters menu.


And you’re done !


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