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How do I connect a device to the iKydz WiFi network?

1. Connect & register your iKydz Home or iKydz Pro unit

  • Make sure that have connected your iKydz WiFi Home or Pro unit and that you have completed your registration.

2. Connect the device to your iKydz WiFi network

  • Navigate to the WiFi settings on the device
  • Select the iKydz network, which will be listed in the Available Networks list
  • You will be prompted to enter the WiFi password – this will be the default password ikydzwifi, unless you have changed this during your registration.
  • Click Connect

3. Confirm that your device has connected

  • Check your iKydz app or iKydz Customer Portal – the newly connected device will now show in your list of devices in your WiFi tab

4. Rename the device (if needed)

  • In some cases, the name of the device may be shown on your iKydz app as a code or as an unexpected name (e.g. Android203923935)
  • You can easily rename the device by selecting the device in your app list, then alter the device name and click save (check mark, top right hand corner)
  • For more detail instructions on how to rename a device, check out our article: How to rename a device using your iKydz app

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