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How to Backup & Restore Your Contacts and Photos

In the case of a factory reset, it is important to save your data. You can backup your contacts and photos to your Google Account with ease. While being restored, they automatically show on your device after you sign in. You won’t need to restore contacts manually.

You will always need a Google Account in order to restore Apps & Games from the Google Play Store. Based on that, you can very easily backup your data.

And here is how you do it.

1. Google Drive

  • Go to the Google Folder on your Android Device. This will contain Apps such as Gmail, Chrome, Drive & Photos
  • Click on the Google Drive App which looks like the image below,


2. Backup Data

  • First you need to go to the Settings menu on the Google Drive App. You find this by referring to the image below


  • Now all you need to do is click “Back up now”
  • This will backup everything that is listed in the “Active backups” list such as contacts and photos, as seen in the image below,

And you’re done. So Simple !

You are now ready to Factory Reset your device. Click here for the easy step by step instructions



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