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How to install an iKydz Range Extender

If you have a large house and you experience weak internet coverage in certain areas, you can boost the signal using our range extenders.

Initial Setup:

iKydz Range Extenders are already pre-configured, so installation is easy:

  1. Plug in the Range Extender close to your iKydz unit
  2. Wait a few minutes, allowing the Range Extender and the iKydz unit to communicate automatically with each other
  3. You must then connect each of your children’s devices to the Range Extender, so that they can get the benefit of the additional WIFI range – do this by first connecting each individual device to the iKydz WIFI network and then connecting to the iKydz Range Extender network (this will show as ‘iKydz-EXT‘ on your network connections).
  4. You can then now unplug your Range Extender and plug it in an area where your WiFi signal strength is weakest

TIP: the further away from your iKydz unit that you place your Range Extender, the more you should increase the signal strength of the Range Extender – see Changing the Range Extender Settings below


Changing the Range Extender Settings:

You can login to your range extender to adjust any of the settings such as the network that it needs to be configured to (usually your iKydz network), strength of the WiFi signal, WiFi Channel and more.

To access your Range Extender Settings:

  1. Using a laptop computer, connect your laptop directly into the Range Extender using an ethernet network cable
  2. Open a web browser on your laptop
  3. In the URL address field, type: http://ap.setup
  4. Login using the default password of: admin
  5. Adjust your settings to your preference



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