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How to install iKydz Mobile on IOS

Getting started with iKydz Mobile is easy. Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Purchase your subscription QR Code online or in-store:

Buy your iKydz Mobile subscription online – one subscription lets you manage up to 3 mobile devices:

From: $6 / monthSelect options


Purchase in-store at your nearby retailer:


2. Register your details with iKydz

  • Download the iKydz App from the Google Play Store (for Android) or The App Store (for iOS)
  • Open the App and register as a new iKydz customer, or if you are an existing customer, just Login
  • Go to the Mobile menu and use the ‘Scan’ button to scan your purchased iKydz Mobile QR Code

You will now see your Mobile menu has been populated with 3 x ‘Activate Your Child’s Device‘ slots.

3. Activate your child’s device

  • Click on one of the ‘Activate Child’s Device’ slots.
  • Then choose the “Apple” option.
  • Enter the phone number of the child’s mobile smartphone you want to manage and then click continue.
  • This will send an SMS (text message) to the child’s phone and also create a child QR Code in your iKydz Parent app. This child QR code will later be scanned by the child’s smartphone.

4. Now you can install SaferK

  • Once the device preparation tasks are complete, you can now click on the link provided in the SMS received from the iKydz Parent App.
  • The App Store will then open to download SaferK.
  • Follow the instructions screens provided on SaferK.
  • Then the camera on your child’s smartphone will open and you will then use this to scan the QR Code that was generated on your iKydz Parent App as mentioned in point 3. ‘Activate Your Child Device’.
  • Finally, reboot the child device to activate SaferK and complete the association of your child’s smartphone and your iKydz Parent app.

Your setup is now complete.

Your kid’s mobile phone will appear on the MOBILE tab of your iKydz app. You can now begin to create & apply your filters and schedules to your child’s device.


5. Protect SaferK from uninstallation

  • You can very easily protect SaferK from intentional uninstallation.
  • Click here to view the Device Preparation Guide and follow the instructions. There are helpful screenshots provided to guide you through this process.


Check out our quick installation video here:


Do you want us to setup iKydz for you?

If you want some help to get iKydz installed and set up quickly, then just purchase our remote installation service.

1. Purchase your Installation Service here:

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