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How to setup iKydz Home

Getting started with iKydz Home is easy. Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Connect your iKydz Home unit to your router

  • Connect one end of the black network cable into the WAN Port of the iKydz Home unit

  • Then connect the other end of the black network cable into any Ethernet/LAN Port of your router

  • Next, connect the small end of the the supplied USB power cable into the ‘Power’ port of the iKydz Home unit

  • Then, connect the larger end of the same power cable into the USB Port of your router.

  • If you router does not have a USB Port, you can simply power your iKydz unit using a USB Adaptor plug. iKydz only needs 2 amps.
  • The iKydz network is now available

2. Register with iKydz

  • Using your mobile phone, download the iKydz App from the Google Play Store (for Android) or The App Store (for iOS)
  • Open the App and register as a new iKydz customer
  • Now connect your phone to the “IKYDZ” network
  • Click on the ‘Wi-Fi’ tab on the iKydz App and click ‘Register Your iKydz Unit’ to register your iKydz Home unit
  • Your iKydz unit will connect to the iKydz cloud service automatically

3. Connect your children’s devices

  • Connect your children’s devices to the iKydz network the same way as any other network (the default password is “ikydzwifi“and you can change this at any time – Click here to find out how to change the WIFI password).
  • Change the password to your home WiFi as well as the password to access your home router settings.
  • If your router has a WPS button, please contact your internet service provider to disable this button as it allows for any device to connect to your router without knowing the password.
    It sometimes looks like two black, white or green arrows in an oval shape or is labelled WPS.
    Additionally, the WPS button is known to have security flaws and should be disabled as a security measure.


Your setup is now complete.

Your kids’ devices will appear on the WIFI tab of your app as you connect them. You can now begin to create & apply your filters and schedules to your children’s devices.

Watch a video about how to install iKydz Home here:


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