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How to use Geolocation

A fantastic feature that is available on the iKydz Mobile Service is Geolocation.
You, as the Parent, can now pinpoint the location of your child with 1 touch of a button on your iKydz App.
This is how you do it…

1. Enable Geolocation

  • Login to your iKydz App
  • Click on the ‘Mobile’ tab
  • Select the device you wish to locate
  • Switch the slider so it’s coloured green and click the checkmark on the top right hand corner
  • This enables the Geolocation feature for that specific device

2. Locate Device

  • Select that same device where you enabled the Geolocation feature
  • Click on “Locate Device”
  • You will now receive a notification
  • Once you click on that notification, you will be presented with a map and the exact location of your child’s device.

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