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I can’t access the Internet using iKydz WiFi

There are a number of reasons that you may not be able to connect to the Internet through your iKydz network.

1. Your main Internet is offline

  • iKydz WiFi relies on your main Internet router to be online – Check that you can access the Internet using your main WiFi
  • If your main WiFi is online, then move to Check 2 below
  • If you main WiFi is offline, check your main router and reset it or contact your WiFi/broadband provider

2. iKydz unit has been disconnected

  • Check the middle LED light on your iKydz unit – if the light is constantly on then there is Internet access – if the light is flashing then there is no internet access
  • Check that one end of the Ethernet cable is connected to the WAN port of the iKydz unit and the other end is connected to a Ethernet/LAN port of your router
  • Check that the power cable is securely connected

3. You have applied an Internet Access Schedule or Filter to the device

  • You may have an applied schedule or filter to the device that you are attempting to access the Internet with
  • Confirm that Mealtime is set to OFF
  • Check your iKydz app and see if there is an Access Block symbol (red WiFi symbol) present against the device
  • If there is a schedule or filter applied, simply remove or adjust the schedule or filter to gain Internet access

4. Your router’s cables or ports may be faulty

  • Ensure all wires are connected correctly and securely to your router
  • Test the LAN Ports and network cable:
    • Check each LAN Port of your router by connecting your laptop using an ethernet cable.
    • Once connected, check a live feed website for successful internet connection (e.g. www.skynews.com)
    • If there is no connection, try connecting a separate functioning ethernet cable and test all LAN Ports again as above
    • If you still have no internet connection then you know the issue is with the router’s LAN Ports
    • If there is a successful internet connection, then the issue was with the initial ethernet cable
  • Finally, you can login to your main router customer portal and view the log tables. This will tell you how your router has been performing and whether or not there has been any downtimes.

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