Who is Logan Paul, and what did he post on YouTube?

YouTube star, Logan Paul is being punished by YouTube for posting a video of a dead man who had committed suicide while on a trip to Japan. Paul and his friends make their way through the infamous “Suicide Forest” when they come across a man hanging. The star proceeds to film while his friends are calling the police.

He zooms into the dead man whose face is blurred out but the rest of his body is not. Logan Paul is then seen to be laughing and joking while at the scene. Appearing to make light of the situation, he defends himself in a statement saying that he “deals with things with humour”

Top one, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m ain’t going to be sober for this s**t. I’m gonna drink this Japanese sake. Me smiling and laughing is not a portrayal of how I feel about the circumstances. Everyone deals with s**t differently. If you guys haven’t noticed, I cope with things by humor. While this is incredibly sad, I’ve said it a thousands times this is crazy.”  Paul says in the video.

After huge backlash from his initial apology, where people say that he was just talking about himself, Paul released a video to further apologise to his fans and the victim’s family.


Paul has a following of 15 Million online and his main followers are young people and teens. There is huge talk in Ireland at the moment about these online influencers and their platforms of power.

While he has apologised for posting the video, we can’t help but feel angry at his actions. Paul has exposed millions of young, impressionable teens around the world to the realities of suicide and is shown to be laughing and joking in the video.

This is, in our opinion, unacceptable and we are happy to hear that YouTube are taking a stance on it by punishing him.

Paul admits that he did not post the video for views as he “gets plenty of views”. He states that he assumed he was doing a positive thing for the world.

Showing the world a video of a man who has taken his own life is in no way a positive action.

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