Lock down = increase in online time

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the global population in drastic ways. In many countries, our elderly and those with existing medical conditions are facing a worrying time. Governments across the globe have taken strict measures in terms of lockdowns, applying restrictions not just to keep the public safe but also to make sure that the most vulnerable tiers of our society remain the least exposed to COVID-19. With the ‘Stay at Home’ measures in place, it is expected that the community spread of the virus will be much reduced. Unfortunately, “lock-down” makes our kids and youngsters vulnerable, not to the pandemic, but to over-exposure to the digital world.

School is out!

Schools and educational institutions are closed and have moved on to online platforms. That means our kids are expected to be on the internet much more than ever. Reports from UNICEF suggest that more than 1.5 billion children and young people have been affected by school closures worldwide. Many of these students are now taking classes as well as socialising even more online. This has led to a substantial increase in the average amount of time spent by our kids online, which over-exposes them to the realms of the Internet and increases their risk of an Internet safety incident.

This unprecedented rise in screen time is unfortunately a necessary evil and if not monitored, it can lead to negative consequences affecting the mental and psychological health of our kids. Under the shadow of COVID-19, the lives of millions of children have temporarily shrunk to just their homes and their screens and it is important that our kids are assisted to navigate this new reality.


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