Available to purchase on 13th November 2018!

iKydz Mobile

iKydz Mobile gives you total internet control over your children’s devices when they are connected to mobile networks. iKydz Mobile gives you all the key iKydz Home features plus a little bit more.

iKydz Internet Safety To Keep Kids Safe Online

How does iKydz Mobile Work?

1 Purchase iKydz Mobile Pack

Purchase an iKydz mobile pack to begin protecting your children on mobile 3G/4G. You can buy from one of our in-store retailers or from the iKydz online store.

2 Login to your iKydz App

Log in to the iKydz app on your phone. If you are new to iKydz, make sure you register first.

3 Scan the QR Code

From your own mobile, scan the QR code you received in your iKydz Mobile pack. Then follow the instructions to setup your child's device.

Manage your kids online

Now that you have installed iKydz mobile on your children's phone, you can begin to fully protect them while they are connected to mobile data.

Manage Every Internet Connected Device From Just One App

Keeping your children safe on Mobile is now easier than ever with iKydz mobile. You can protect every device right from the palm of your hand!

iKydz Mobile Features

All iKydz Home features

iKydz Mobile has all the features of iKydz Home. Unlike iKydz Home, these can only be applied to mobile devices, such as 3G/4G enabled smartphones or tablets. But iKydz Mobile also has a few additional features to help you manage your kids’ internet usage when outside the home.

Location Tracking

When you start giving your kids a little more independence, it is still good to know where they are. If your teenager is on a night out, it always helps parents to know that they can find their kids in case of emergencies. Ease the worry with iKydz.

iKydz Mobile Pricing

iKydz Mobile

/ Per month for 3 devices
  • All iKydz Home Features
  • Location Tracking