“Momo challenge” is just another example of what is wrong with the Internet. So what are we going to do about it?’.

Many police authorities around the world have issued a warning to parents, and are advising them to supervise their children’s online activity due to a cyberbullying game called the ‘Momo challenge’

What is it?

Known as the ‘suicide challenge’, Momo is a new viral, chain-mail style game that encourages players to perform a series of challenges in order to meet ‘Mother Bird’ – a disfigured and extremely creepy character with bulging eyes and bedraggled dark hair.

Light-hearted and fun at the outset, this game experience quickly darkens, absorbing players who are encouraged to perform acts of violence and self-harm through a series of progressively risky challenges.

The challenges in this game present a genuine risk to the safety and welfare of children and young people with the distressing content seen when a player refuses to carry on.

Momo challenge – yet another unwelcome concern for parents

There is an epidemic brewing in today’s connected world. Children’s open, unchecked use of the Internet is leading to a shift in young people’s social interactions, often to the detriment of their mental health. Much like global warming, the world may not see the scale of these problems until it is too late.

We all know that the Internet is a wonderful resource, but there is a one key, central problem – no one owns it. It crosses international barriers with ease and therein lies the problem. How can one possibly regulate it? With that in mind, and with the ever-increasing talk of Internet-safety, why would anyone in their right mind give their children open, unsupervised access to the Internet? And yet, people do.

The “Momo challenge” is just another unwelcome intrusion on young people’s lives and another worrying development in a never-ending series of online challenges for parents. Momo is grabbing headlines today, but something as sensational and shocking will be on the front pages tomorrow. It’s time for common-sense parenting and there are simple answers available today to these online issues facing parents and their children. Ultimately, parents must become self-aware about their internet habits and those of their children’s. They must properly educate themselves about the connected world. And if they want their kids to grow to have healthy social relationships and learn to use the Internet in a sensible manner, parents have to take responsibility and make sure that they parent online as well as they parent offline.

Extra peace of mind with iKydz
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With our award-winning internet controls you can:
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Internet safety is available now for parents. They just have to choose to make it a priority for their family.

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