Mum, mummy, mam, mom, mommy, mammy – no matter what you call your mother, make sure to call your mother this Mother’s Day.

You love her. She’s your one and only. She’s your mother…but don’t make the mistake of texting her this Sunday (May 13th) to tell her you love her and that your thinking of her. Texting is for telling somebody to take the cake out of the oven, that you’re going to be late for a meeting, or asking somebody to pick up the kids. Don’t even think of texting ‘Hope you’re having a lovely Mother’s Day’.

That would be the equivalent of not writing some words in a birthday card, leaving the wishes and the sentiments up to some Hallmark Cards robot. No, ring your mum. Talk to her. Give her at least ten minutes of your time. It’s something so human, to spend time, even on the phone, together. You know that meaning gets lost in a text. A thoughtful silence on the phone can say more than the longest text ever can never say.

Of course, best of all, is to spend some physical time with your mum. Now, if you’re two thousand miles away that’s not going to happen, even if you’d love to. But if you’re across town, or in the next suburb, put yourself out for your mum. You wouldn’t be here without her – and you can’t argue with that.

Oh and dads, there’s something special you could do for mum as well. Breakfast in bed, check. Favourite magazine beside bed, check. Make breakfast for the kids, check. But there’s one more thing – a very different Mother’s Day present. Why not give her some peace of mind in a box?

Peace of mind in a box? Yes, that’s what iKydz is. She, and you, can have perfect peace of mind by installing an iKydz box. Then you won’t have to worry what the kids are up to online when you’re reminding her of what a wonderful mother she is. iKydz is the mother of all presents.


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