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National Children’s Day UK

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National Childrens Day UK

Today is National Children’s Day in the UK. At iKydz, we are all about giving kids the best experiences they can have when they are online. We want to celebrate National Children’s Day by giving all the parents out there a special discount off our award winning products. 

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Today, more than ever, children are in danger of having their innocence removed. Online grooming, cyberbullying, sexting, and internet addiction leading to depression, obesity or loneliness – the list goes on and it is becoming more and more worrying for parents. 

We all know that children are accessing the Internet at much younger ages. We recently released a post where we found that children are using smartphones from under the age of 4! Without some really easy to use parental controls, how can parents be expected to protect their kids when everything in their homes and lives are connected to the Internet? 

This is where iKydz comes in. We love the ethos of National Children’s Day and how children’s rights and freedoms need to be promoted to help them to grow into happy, healthy adults. iKydz are committed to helping parents be parents online. iKydz Home is the ultimate digital parenting tool and gives parents total peace of mind when their kids are online. 

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Keep kids safe online with iKydz Internet Safety Keeping Brothers and sister using electronic devices while slouching on sofa at home, safe!

“Young children today are subject to a range of cultural pressures that were simply unknown to previous generations. Family life has significantly changed, they live in a rapidly advancing digital world, they are much less trusted and more controlled, they have fewer freedoms and significantly less access to nature, and they are highly vulnerable to the dangers of commercialisation and sexualisation.” 

“The quality and depth of their learning in the early years has also moved from being intrinsically connected to family and community to become increasingly seen as primarily a preparation for later schooling. These changes have resulted in a series of increasingly alarming statistics about child health and wellbeing.”

To celebrate children, iKydz are offering parents a £10 discount on our iKydz devices. Use the code: NCDUK18 to avail of this special offer.