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imvu app

IMVU App Warning For Parents

IMVU APP What Parents Need To Know About This App Suscribe to Parents Hub IMVU is an Avatar based chat room app which has brought chatting with strangers to another level. What on earth is an Avatar???? For those of … Continue Reading

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Tips for parents to deal with Internet Addiction

Gaming Addiction A guide for parents on how to deal with addicting games.  Subscribe to iKydz Parent’s Hub for Free Updates Recognise The Signs of Addiction Recognising the signs of Internet Addiction before it becomes a problem is half the … Continue Reading

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Everything Parents Need To Know About Kik App

Kik App Everything Parent’s Need To Know Subscribe To iKydz Parent’s Hub kik App For Parents What is Kik App? For those of you who haven’t heard of KiK, allow us to tell you a little bit about it and … Continue Reading

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iKydz Meets An Taoiseach

iKydz Meets An Taoiseach What is iKydz? Safer Internet Day 2018 iKydz Home only €99 – Free Shipping Ahead of Safer Internet Day 2018, iKydz met an Taoiseach Leo Varadkar who gave us his seal of approval.  In recent weeks, … Continue Reading

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There Is A Solution For Parents

Who is responsible for keeping our kids safe online? We are constantly hearing news about the dangers of the internet for our children. We are hearing about online predators, depression in children as a result of cyber bullying, body image, … Continue Reading

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Block the Kik App With iKydz – Late Late Show

The Late Late Show Poses As An 11 Year Old Girl. If you missed the Late Late Show on Friday night, you’ve probably heard about it! Ryan Tubridy and the Production team at RTE set up a fake account as … Continue Reading

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Smartphones Are Making Teenagers Miserable

Teenagers and kids who spend more time online are less happy.  Buy iKydz for only €99 It is not a new topic but it is an extremely hot topic right now. Teenagers, Children, Social Media, Smartphone Addiction, Technology, Depression….;these are … Continue Reading

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How to survive new technology and devices in your home after Christmas. The ultimate parenting education blog to keep you up to date with new technology.

5 tips to surviving the new technology in your house.

Christmas is over, the year 2018 is here, shocking right? This may not come as a surprise to you but the most wanted items on Christmas wish lists for 2017 were new technology devices. Is your house now over come … Continue Reading

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Logan Paul

Logan Paul is punished by YouTube

Logan Paul  YouTube star, Logan Paul is being punished by YouTube for posting a video of a dead man who had committed suicide while on a trip to Japan. Paul and his friends make their way through the infamous “Suicide … Continue Reading

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yellow app is now yubo

Yellow App is now Yubo

Yellow App is now Yubo Did you know that Yellow app is now Yubo? The app, which has been named as “Tinder for Kids”, has rebranded and is now under a new name. The app is wildly popular among young … Continue Reading

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yellow app

Apple Investors Concerned Over Smartphone Addiction

Apple investors are concerned. Investors in Apple have recently published an open letter to Apple stating their concerns for smartphone addiction and the effects it has on children and teens. Jana Partners and CalSTRS are two major investors in Apple … Continue Reading

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iKydz Home now available at EIR stores

iKydz Home, the ultimate digital parenting tool, is now available at selected eir stores around the Republic of Ireland. iKydz helps parents create a safe, super fast internet for their kids. iKydz Home is also being sold online through eir’s Connected Living offerings. … Continue Reading

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Protecting children online is everyone’s responsibility

Great to see Internet Service Providers (ISPs) taking on the ever-growing issue of online e-safety for kids. BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have announced their continued partnership in Internet Matters, the organisation that encourages parents to keep their kids safe online. … Continue Reading

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iKydz Innovation Recognised!

We are always striving to be innovative at iKydz. We’re very proud of our bulletproof iKydz Home product, and are looking forward to the release of our new, complementary iKydz Mobile product, which will be launched shortly. And while we think that … Continue Reading

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Win All Ireland Football and Hurling final tickets with iKydz

UPDATE: We’re extending our deadline date for the All-Ireland Football tickets to Thursday 14th September, when the winner will be announced. Good luck! Congratulations to Simon McGrath, who won tickets to the All-Ireland Hurling Finals! Buy iKydz Now  Visit our … Continue Reading

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