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A real parent's Story

iKydz spoke with a parent who has experienced first hand the trauma of online grooming. 

For obvious reasons the parent and their child’s identity will be kept anonymous. 

This parent is telling their story as they wish to inform other parents about the dangers of online games and chat rooms. 

They would like to warn parents and give tips on what to watch out for if you are worried about online grooming. 

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"I discovered my child was being groomed online by a sexual predator"

The situation

The parent tells iKydz how she discovered that her child was being groomed online. She discusses how her child was giving a laptop for their birthday and how their whole personality took a turn after this. 

Personality change

Parent X tells iKydz that she noticed her child’s personality was changing dramatically. From being a very open and loving child to becoming extremely closed off, aggressive and nasty towards her, their siblings and at school.  

She mentions how she began to check the internet usage and it seemed to be sky rocketing, despite removing all devices at night time. 


This brave parent tells iKydz how their child became very secretive and would go into their room to and close the doors, would not engage in general conversation and overall became very reclusive. 

What happened?

Parent X discusses how her child’s behavioural changes had sparked huge concerns with her. This coupled with the fact her child had asked her questions of a very adult nature had her extremely concerned however it wasn’t until she realised that her child had been sneaking onto the Internet during the night that she started to piece this very scary scenario together. 

The discovery

She had heard from a relative that her child was very tired due to being online all night. Once she had heard this, she barged into the child’s room to find them actively engaging in chat with a predator online. The content that the parent discovered was deeply sexual and extremely disturbing. This predator had gained the trust of the child by pretending to be a 13 year old while playing games online. 

The reality

Parent X told iKydz that her child has been in counselling for over a year now. This child had been so psychologically damaged from this online grooming they began to shake excessively when their parent discovered what was going on. It is only now that the child is beginning to realise what has happened.  

Peace of mind

Parent X was referred to iKydz by their local police station. Once she contacted us, we done everything in our power to give her Internet peace of mind in her home. She now protects her entire family online with iKydz. She reads iKydz blog posts to keep her up to date on all the latest apps and games that parents should be aware of. She has the peace of mind that these dangerous games are not welcome into her home ever again. 

You can listen to the full podcast with Parent X below. 

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iKydz Parents Hub is a free resource on the iKydz website. Here, you will find blog posts, podcasts and informational videos for parents and guardians. We want to keep your family safe on the Internet. We want parents to be able to rest assured knowing that their children are not in danger when they go online. We will bring you the latest news on apps and websites to watch out for on your children's devices. We will have weekly updates and podcasts with industry professionals giving advice and tips for parents and families who are worried about cyber safety. iKydz Parents Hub will be your one stop shop for all things cyber and internet safety! We want to empower parents with education! For Free!

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