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What is iKydz Parent's Hub?​

iKydz Parents Hub is a new resource on the iKydz website. We are currently building the page and will fill it blog posts on apps and websites to watch out for on your children's devices. We will have weekly updates and podcasts with industry professionals giving advice and tips for parents and families who are worried about cyber safety.

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We have a free Facebook group for parents to chat, socialise, ask questions and keep each other up to date on all the latest apps and technology that parents need to be vigilant of.

Empowering Parents

iKydz is committed to helping parents stay up to date on all the latest apps and technology we believe you need to watch out for. Subscribe to our free news letter so you are kept up to date!

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imvu app
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IMVU App Warning For Parents

IMVU APP What Parents Need To Know About This App Suscribe to Parents Hub IMVU is an Avatar based chat room app which has brought chatting with strangers to another level. What on earth is an Avatar???? For those of

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Tips for parents to deal with Internet Addiction

Gaming Addiction A guide for parents on how to deal with addicting games.  Subscribe to iKydz Parent’s Hub for Free Updates Recognise The Signs of Addiction Recognising the signs of Internet Addiction before it becomes a problem is half the

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Everything Parents Need To Know About Kik App

Kik App Everything Parent’s Need To Know Subscribe To iKydz Parent’s Hub kik App For Parents What is Kik App? For those of you who haven’t heard of KiK, allow us to tell you a little bit about it and

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iKydz Meets An Taoiseach

iKydz Meets An Taoiseach What is iKydz? Safer Internet Day 2018 iKydz Home only €99 – Free Shipping Ahead of Safer Internet Day 2018, iKydz met an Taoiseach Leo Varadkar who gave us his seal of approval.  In recent weeks,

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There Is A Solution For Parents

Who is responsible for keeping our kids safe online? We are constantly hearing news about the dangers of the internet for our children. We are hearing about online predators, depression in children as a result of cyber bullying, body image,

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iKydz Features

Set Schedules For Internet Usage
Meal Time Button 
shuts Internet off during dinner time
Age Appropriate YouTube Restrictions
Block & Filter Websites 
Education is key when it comes to parenting in the digital age.  

“10 years ago road safety was a big problem in our country. Now, the first thing a child does  in the car is puts on their safety belt. The government went about a very smart campaign and said we need to address this issue, and it’s the exact same with the mobile phones.” –

 Jason Sheehy, iKydz Director.  

ikydz in education

iKydz have teamed up with Minister for Mental Health Jim Daly in his pilot initiative to bring Safer Internet to schools in Ireland. So far, iKydz have launched in 35 schools in West Cork with the hope to bring this initiative to a national level. 

Join Our Facebook Group

We have a free Facebook group for parents to chat, socialise and ask questions and keep each other up to date.