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iKydz parents hub is a free educational resource for parents. We are committed to helping parents stay up to date on all the latest apps and technology in todays world of digital parenting. We are constantly researching the internet for new apps, websites, games and social media that we believe parents should be aware of. 
In this section of our parent’s hub, we will update you on all general information parents need to know! 

Why do children become obsessed with gaming?

What is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game? A Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or MMORPG, is a video game that takes place in a virtual world where thousands, or even millions, of players develop

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Kids outsmart Apple’s new parental controls

Apple’s Screen Time is no challenge for today’s tech-savy kids. As device usage and smartphone addiction increases and the impact of social media becomes increasingly negative, Apple announces a new IOS 12 update feature which

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Loot Boxes – Gambling for Children?

What are Loot Boxes? A loot box is like an in-game lottery ticket: for a fee, involving real money, a player can purchase an assortment of items that promise to enhance the game experience. Publishers

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Every Parent's Struggle

As a result of his children having unlimited and unmonitored time online, John Molloy created iKydz  to allow him to control the amount of time his children spent on the Internet as well what content and information they were able to access.

John created a device which allowed him to not only switch off the Internet at specific times (homework, meal time and bedtime) but also to monitor what his children were doing online even if the browsing history had been deleted. If he saw a site or app he didn’t find appropriate, he simply added it to the block list.

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