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Here at iKydz, we love the Internet. We think it is an amazing resource for kids, teens, tweens and parents alike! We know that it is dangerous if not monitored and our entire ethos is dedicated to keeping parents informed and educated so you can keep your kids safe online. In this section however, we want to tell you guys how you can use the internet so your whole family can enjoy it. There are plenty of resources online for educating kids but we wanted to point out a few that you can do as a family too. Bringing family time and fun back into the equation!

We will continually update this page as we learn of new, exciting and fun things to do on the Internet!


Most schools are now using this great website for teaching kids maths so your kid may already have their own log in. If they don't you can get a free trial here for parents: http://uk.mathletics.com/home/trial This is a brilliant resource for getting the kids to practise their math in a fun environment. They learn all levels of maths through games. Making learning fun. Yes, anticipate a little drawback once you tell them they have to "do math" on their day off but once they get up and running, it will feel like any other game! They have games for all ages and level of maths! Give it a try!

Amazon Kindle

Ask what books your kids are reading in school or ask them what type of books they enjoy reading and check out Amazon Kindle for similar books. The Kindle App can be downloaded for free to any device and you can set up a child account on your own account or simply set them up with their own account and add restrictions. Kindle Unlimited allows you to read unlimited books for just £7.99 a month with a cancel anytime policy. Finding a good book is absolutely priceless so why not use this #snowday to ignite the love of reading in your kids. You can search for books by age and if you do register for Kindle Unlimited there are endless amounts of books free to download to any device with the Kindle App. Download Kindle App from any App Store and either sign up or sign in to get started! There are also plenty of free books available from Kindle too like the childhood classics you may have read yourself!

Family Games

Is there anything better than a fun family game? Kahoot is a free website that allows you to create your own games and quizzes of any topic you which! If you don't want to create your own, get together as a family and play one of the many pre made games! This is a really fun game for bringing out the competitive side of all the family! Click below to be directed to the site!

Apps, Apps, Apps ​

There are countless apps on the App Store. Thankfully for you, iKydz have blocked all the nasties so you can enjoy this snow day knowing they are safe online. However if you would like to recommend some apps to the kids or even get involved yourself, here are a couple of kid-friendly apps we recommend.

quiz of knowledge app

Quiz of Knowledge

This is a fun game for the whole family. Lots of learning involved and lots of testing your knowledge.

Heads Up

The Whole Family will love this game. Test your knowledge and speed while recording your answers on camera and having a good giggle afterwards.


Rubes Lab

This is a fun game for the whole family. Lots of learning involved and lots of testing your knowledge.

Code Spark Academy

This is a brilliant game for introducing kids to coding. The game includes drag-and-drop coding puzzles and is the perfect introduction to the logic of coding.

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