How can social media effect my child’s exam results?

Social media is part of daily life for many young students around the world. From Whatsapp and Facebook to Snapchat and Instagram, teenagers are in constant communication with their friends and followers. Teens carry their phone with them wherever they go, even when studying, and this leads to distraction. Students are unable to concentrate with the constant communication online, therefore their exam results will suffer. Less quality study results in a lower exam grade.

A study on the effects of Social Media and the study habits of students shows that social media negatively effects students work. Students who use social media for longer periods tend to struggle to keep up with academic work and study progress. It was also noted that students who were heavy users of social media tended to use social media at night, which prevented them from getting adequate sleep.

 What can I do to prevent my child getting distracted from study by Social Media?

The best thing you can do to prevent distraction is to manage your child’s internet usage. By limiting access to websites, scheduling online time, and blocking social media sites, you can stop your child using their phone and increase their study productivity.

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