Cyberbullying is on the rise, and unfortunately has devastating consequences. The recent passing of ITV star Caroline Flack has shown us the extent of the consequences of online bullying. Unfortunately, Caroline was one of many people who have lost their lives as a result of slander online.

Cases of Cyberbullying

Jackie Fox, mother of Nicole Fox who tragically committed suicide after years of online torment is fighting for legal reform regarding cyber bullying laws in Ireland. Nicole Fox (21) passed away after receiving years of online harassment and bullying on Facebook. Unfortunately, there has been very little progress in fighting Online bullying in Ireland. You can read more about Jackie’s story here.

Zoe O’Sullivan is another victim of cyberbullying, who attempted suicide after receiving 50+ messages daily on social media. These messages consisted of death threats, slander and name-calling. Zoe’s mother Joni is pleading with young people to understand the horrifying impacts cyberbullying can have on people. You can read more about Zoe’s story here.

Little Mix star Jesy Nelson released a documentary called ‘odd one out’ where she discusses how she was a victim of online abuse and trolling for years following her XFactor win in 2011. Jesy was teased online for her looks and weight, and this hugely impacted Jesy’s self esteem and mental health. You can read more about Jesy’s story here.

Cyberbullying in Ireland

Online bullying has become a huge concern for parents in recent years, and the number of cyberbullying cases are increasing every year. According to an article by the Irish Examiner, 1 in 5 teenagers have been bullied online, and one-third of these teenagers have reported feelings of depression linked to the bullying. The main platforms for bullying include Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, however, online bullying also occurs on other platforms such as Gaming and Instant Messaging.

How you can protect your children from Cyberbullying

Unfortunately, we cannot control the Internet. However we can control what our children do on the internet. By monitoring, restricting and limiting our children’s online presence, we can protect our children from online bullying. iKydz is the perfect solution to digital parenting.

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