Minister For Education Issues Circular

Minister for Education Richard Bruton issued a circular today requiring all schools to consult with parents, teachers and students on the use of electronic devices in schools.

Mr Bruton acknowledged that while many schools already have appropriate policies in place, schools should consider updating these policies to fit the current generation.

The government are very quick to jump to drastic conclusions. Children live in a world of the Internet, banning devices and smartphones is taking 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. Why introduce the iPads and tablets in the first place? Children need to be educated on Internet Safety. Schools need to have adequate safety devices in place.

What can parents expect?

Parents in Ireland should expect to hear from their children’s school in relation to Internet Safety and mobile phone and device use.

A parent’s reality

Parents know that their children are spending too much time on multiple devices, they do not need the extra stress of arguing with their child when they decide to disallow an iPad or smartphone which is what Minister Bruton is suggesting.

The government need to stop avoiding the issue by putting a blanket ban on all smartphones and technologies. Instead, take the realistic approach and give parents the tools to allow them to parent again.

The person in the best position to monitor the child’s access to the internet is the parent.

How can parents take realistic action?

This is where iKydz comes in. iKydz is already keeping children safe in their homes in 28 countries world wide. iKydz has been deployed in 35 schools in West Cork. iKydz gives parents the tools to allow their children to use the Internet safely. It allows parents to parent.

Waiting Game: Why wait for the state to protect your children online when you can do it yourself, today?

We at iKydz know that your child’s online safety cannot wait. This is why we are giving parents the tools necessary to implement a robust system of internet safety and control now!

iKydz is a ready-made device made by an Irish company. It gives parents full control of all internet connected devices in the home.

Why wait for others to protect your kids online, when you can do it today?

The Irish government have raised the age of digital consent and are calling for a digital safety commissioner who will implement laws on cyber safety but what are parents to do in the meantime? The internet is here and it is happening. Children are spending over 4.5 hours a day online, today. Something needs to be done today. iKydz is here, it is already helping parents to keep their children safe in over 28 countries around the world. So, the question remains:

Why wait for the State to protect your children online when you can do it yourself, today?

We really welcome this latest report, but it is not something that has not been discussed before. How about some action? And how about using the tools that are already available today to protect children online? Every parent needs iKydz Home.

The Government is also calling for an Educational resource for parents. It is already available! iKydz Parents Hub is a free, informational resource available on our website. All parents have to do is subscribe to the parents hub emailing list and they will receive weekly updates on apps, websites and games to watch out for. Along with Podcasts from professionals in all industries relating to child safety and wellbeing.

As well as implementing our iKydz in Education Initiative in West Cork, iKydz are also hosting a number of informational meetings in schools around the country for parents.

John Molloy: iKydz CEO

As a result of his children having unlimited and unmonitored time online, John Molloy created iKydz  to allow him to control the amount of time his children spent on the Internet as well what content and information they were able to access.

John created a device which allowed him to not only switch off the Internet at specific times (homework, meal time and bedtime) but also to monitor what his children were doing online even if the browsing history had been deleted. If he saw a site or app he didn’t find appropriate, he simply added it to the block list.

iKydz CEO John Molloy

iKydz Ethos

“The Internet is the most important invention ever”

Today, for most people, life without the Internet is unimaginable. Instantaneous information at your fingertips; a complete tool set for social interaction and even replacing the traditional communications and media outlets. The Internet is here to stay and iKydz are here to make sure it is a safe zone for our children.

Would the man, woman, company or companies who own the Internet please stand up?

Therein lies the problem! No one owns the Internet. Therefore, it is not governed by any laws, standards or even a simple moral compass.

Businesses have long recognised the threats that the Internet poses, taking responsibility and investing in protective measures such as firewalls, content control, mail hygiene systems and implementing policies within their companies to control and reduce these risks.

So what about our children?

Children as young as 5 years of age have access to devices such as gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, smartphones and smart TV’s, which are all connected via Wifi to the Internet in their homes. This can give the child the opportunity to benefit from all the positives the Internet has to offer however it also leaves them vulnerable to the less savoury aspects.

With this widespread ease of access in mind it is easy to see why a Joint Oireachtas Committee has requested the appointment of a Digital Safety Commissioner. The main role being to improve Internet safeguards for children and young adults.

With iKydz award-winning internet controls you can:
• Filter content
• Schedule online access
• Block unsuitable websites and apps
• Apply restrictions to YouTube
• Block or manage access to social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat
• Block and manage online gaming such as Roblox and Fortnite

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