iKydz Parents Hub is a free informational resource for parents. In this post you’ll find all you need to know about the infamous social game, Roblox.

First of all, what can parents do about Roblox?

If you are an iKydz client, you can block Roblox entirely from your children’s devices or you can set schedules to allow them to play for an appropriate amount of time. If you choose to allow your child to play Roblox, be sure to have maximum safety settings in place. We tell you how to do this below.

Firstly, always communicate with your children that it is never a good idea to interact with strangers online. You have no idea who is at the other end of the conversation.

There are some safety settings available on your Roblox Account however the restrictions are not set by default. You the parent, must set those restrictions before your children begin to use the site.

Ensure you restrict your children’s stranger interaction by setting the communications to ‘No One’

You can also set an Account Pin code which is verified by your email address.

Educate your children if a stranger should happen to contact them and communicate something inappropriate, that they can report that user by clicking on the username, select the violation from a drop-down menu and enter a comment. Always encourage your children to talk to you if they are contacted by strangers online. Make sure they know they won’t be in trouble. 

iKydz will continue to monitor the Internet for dangerous apps  and games so we can keep parents informed, our blocklist up-to-date and keep children safe while online.

We are always here to help!

What parents need to know about Roblox…

With a count of over 64 million players every month and an estimated total of 178 million accounts since it’s launch in 2006, it’s easy to see the popularity of this Imagination Platform.

There are 2 sides to this online game that we would like to share with you. There is the gaming side which we have to say, seems to be a good idea to motivate a child’s imagination and creativity as the aim is for the child to create an online game.

But then you have the other side which is the social aspect. This is the side to be cautious about, especially if there are young children using this platform.

Set-up is easy

All you need to create an account is a Username, date of birth and gender. Straight away, the ease of registration along with its anonymity makes it a target for cyber bullies and online groomers for the social side of this platform.

Let’s talk gaming and imagination

Roblox has an entire library of games to choose from and there is a filter to use which breaks the library up into various categories. You can choose a list of games by its popularity, recommendation, Top Earning, Top Rated and much more. This is where children would spend most of their time choosing and playing a multitude of online games.

Once you choose a game, you will see the description and some other interesting facts about the game. However, the one interesting fact we noticed after choosing a game, was the lack of an age rating to play that game.

It’s true, that after downloading the Roblox Studio, users (both children and adults) have access to a plethora of creative tools in order to build an online game, based on your imagination and creativity. It’s a different approach to just playing games online so children can exercise their minds by exploring the studio of it’s tools, learn how to use them and begin to create a virtual world. The game that you create, can then be played by other users of Roblox and is added to the Games List according to popularity.

The Unfortunate Downside

Yes, it’s that social interaction again that is a cause for concern for Parents. As mentioned before, the registration process makes it very easy to create fake accounts. Users must be 18 or older or have your parent or guardian’s consent to agree to their Terms and Conditions.

The site claims to filter information on profiles, limiting personal information being posted if the user is under 13 years of age. However, this is not always the case as it has been reported before of a user of 9 years of age who was free to give out personal information on their profile page.

The platform actively encourages users to make anonymous friends and allows private messages to be sent between anonymous users. This potentially leaves young adults and children exposed to interaction with cyber bullies and online groomers who use inappropriate and adult language.

Already, there have been reviews posted with regards to online daters (also known as ‘Oders’) who attempt to establish a romantic connection with other users via the messaging service.

The problem of cyberbullying is also high due to the anonymity, the ability to create multiple accounts and the chat features. As the platform has its own online currency (Robux), many users have complained about being victims of cyberbullying if they don’t have Robux.

There is one additional problem that occurs with some of the games. As many of them require payment, you will constantly view pop-ups that request additional payment. When you click on this pop-up, it will direct you straight to the payment section of your Play or App store.

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