Content Affects Us

In this era of technology, with its raging and regular advancement, internet has changed the way we view our day-to-day life. It plays a rather dominant role in shaping our activities, our behaviours, our views, and our understanding. Researchers have confirmed that the decision-making process amongst adults is significantly based on the digital content they go through in their everyday life. That means something very innate to us, such as our perception, is somehow affected and modified by the content we go through in this online world, be it your social media, your news channels, your streaming content and your google searches. The internet has a say and place in your overall personality and the way you think and perceive things.

The Internet Throughout the Generations

It is worth pondering that if the internet can have such affects on adults in the year 2020, it can have a significant impact on the kids as well. On a generational point of view, Boomers and the Y’s were exposed to the internet in a very later stage of their life or at least after their teenage years. And with the limited access and limited technology, it was not very dependant in those times. But the centennials or the generation – Z have had access to advanced internet from their childhood. Internet is far more accessible, and the technology is far more advanced that the use of internet starts as early as when they are 3 years old. That is the impact of internet on a generational point of view. The fact that there is an impact on the adults in this 21st century, there is no doubt the kids are exposed to an environment which will shape their cognitive and development stages.

One out of three internet users is a child. They go online at an ever-younger age, using a diverse range of devices. They spend more time on the internet and social media, play more online games, and use mobile apps, frequently without supervision by adults. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, increased connectivity, augmented and virtual reality will cause an important shift in the way children engage and interact in society. While the internet offers many opportunities for learning, communication, creativity, and entertainment, it also opens certain risks to vulnerable users such as children.

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Take Control

It is extremely important that the content of internet, which is made available to the kids, should be constantly regulated, and controlled and there should be a level of supervision when they are on the internet. Children do not have much of a knowledge of deciding what is good or what is bad for them. Anything that is new to them will always create a sense of curiosity to know more about it. Parents should create a friendly and safe internet environment in which the children have access only to the content that is beneficial and would positively contribute to the cognitive development of the kids.

Internet, as described by psychologists, is a necessary evil. You cannot avoid it, but you need it in your everyday activity and so does the children. How do you make sure that the kids have access only to the things that are beneficial for them and can make a positive impact on their lives? How do you control the content over the internet? One of the ways is Content Filtering.

How We Can Filter Content

Content filtering works by using hardware or software-based solutions to establish rules about the types of sites that may be visited. Using keywords or other commonalities between sites, content is grouped into categories—such as sports, gambling, adult, streaming, and so on—and those sites in undesirable categories are blocked on the network. Keeping objectionable content away from children is one of the more obvious use cases for web content filtering. When known distractions like social media and streaming video sites are blocked, productivity increases.

Control over content enables the parents to create a safe space for the kids. An environment which cultivates a smart and inquisitive mind searching for knowledge and information and an environment which contributes positively to their cognitive development, their behaviour and their perception. A mind which grows in this type of safe and secure internet culture always has an encouraging impact over the kids and makes them progressive and affirmative in their approach specially in their younger years.

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