Allow Your Kids To Enjoy
The Internet Safely With iKydz

A Safer Internet For Kids

How does iKydz Work?

iKydz is a simple smart device and app that lets you easily manage all internet security and safety for your kids both at home and when they are mobile. To put it simple, we create a safer web for your children.

GCSE Exams



The Time Has Come!

We are just under one month away from this years State GCSE Examinations. 

As parents and previously as children, we understand the difficulties for focusing on studies. We are  approaching exam time which means students are stressed out with last minute studying and parents are stressed out on what they can do to help. 

Are your teens struggling to put down the phone and pick up the books? If so, iKydz are here to help them, and you! We are parents too and we are also lovers of the Internet! We know how much teens struggle to “switch off” from their excessive amount of WhatsApp groups, Instagram scrolling and other social media apps.  

iKydz are here to help parents and students!

Because of this knowledge, we are offering you a £10 discount on iKydz Home. This will give you full control over your family wifi and you can begin reinforcing the importance of study. Once you set some homework or study schedules, your kids devices will have limited or no access to the Internet. You can choose to allow specific websites if they need them for studying. All the while, putting restrictions on the apps and websites which are causing the most distractions. 

Eliminate the arguments!

With iKydz in place, you don’t have to put up an argument to encourage your kids to study! Simply enable study schedules and they’ll be hitting the books before you know it! 

he state exams begin on the 6th of June 2018. You can find the full timetables here

GCSE exam study distraction

A Safer Web By Reducing Screen Time ​

There is a direct link between unhappiness in children and time spent online. This is not the only concern for parents however. Do your kids take their devices to bed?  

Online Grooming

Do you ever wonder how online grooming happens in the first place?

Strangers online need time to build a relationship with their victims and gain their trust. This is usually done late at night when you think your children have gone asleep. 

But when you have fallen asleep, who is protecting your children when they go online at 12, 2 or 4 am? 

Time spent online needs to be controlled and is key to prevent these concerns from turning
into a reality.

iKydz Home Features​

  • Age Based Restrictions
  • Block Websites
  • Filter Content
  • Schedule Online Access
  • Block Apps
  • Block Pop-Ups
  • Monitor Internet Usage
  • Shut Off The Internet Remotely

The Meal Time Button

Use our Mealtime button to give your kids a break from the Internet and put family chat back on the menu! With our iconic "meal time" button, the Internet will shut down for 30 minutes and then it automatically turns back on.

This is a great opportunity for not only teaching your children to be sociable at the dinner table, it also teaches them how to be mindful of what they are eating. Putting an end to dinners being eaten and then forgotten about due to lack of attention!

What Can iKydz Offer Me?


Easily set daily or weekly schedules for when your children are allowed to be online.

Block lists

solution for parents

Use our iKydz Global Block Lists to block content such as Adult, Gaming, Violence & Gambling.

Age-based restrictions

 Use our standard age-based restrictions to give you peace of mind that your children are safe.