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Another Lockdown, another phase of school closures and another period of constant Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams meets, online classes and home-schooling. By now we all have got a better understanding of e-learning platforms, about how to make it work and how to get our children handle the new reality of online learning. It was undeniably a difficult experience to create avenues of learning for our children outside the conventional in-class methods.

There are always different apprehensions about how to use the technology to enable the children to access these mediums of online education. Some parents feel it is enough to provide the best gadgets and a super speedy internet service so that the teens and the kids have uninterrupted access to the e-learning platforms. Some believe it is not just the infrastructure that the kids require, but they also need to be regularly supervised with the use of the internet especially during online classrooms. There is another misconception that it is the responsibility of the faculty and teachers to make sure the kids remain focused during online classes which is rather difficult to manage in a virtual environment where the only thing common between a teacher and a pupil is a computer screen.

One Simple eLearning Solution

So, the question that arises here, is – what is the optimized solution when you bring all these opinions and conceptions together? You will need a system in which you have utmost confidence in your kids and your online infrastructure to avail and provide a distraction and interruption free environment for online learning. A system which does not require you to be over the shoulders of your children during their online classes. A structure in which you do not rely on anyone else to supervise the use of internet during classes and study times. A practice which empowers you to have confidence over the infrastructure you have installed, be it the devices, gadgets, high speed internet etc. A system which does not create a ‘Big-Brother’ kind of supervision but helps you build a strong mutual relationship with your children where they adhere by the rules set for internet usage without feeling that they are being spied on or under frequent observation.

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Study Aid

iKydz Study Aid is the optimized solution which covers all your needs regarding the use of internet during online classrooms, e-learning platforms & home-schooling. The ‘e-Learning’ feature can be set up with a few clicks on the iKydz App which assists you to block all other avenues of the internet to provide your teens and kids an environment of learning without any distractions from social media, online games, streaming sites, instant messenger etc. It helps you create a structure in which you can schedule the internet access times and grant access only to age-appropriate content. It helps you gain confidence in your children and your tech infrastructure consisting of WiFi, laptops, tablets, phones & gaming consoles. You do not have to supervise and observe your children during their online classes to make sure they are concentrated and focused. With iKydz Study Aid, you create that kind of environment where your children make the best of the e-learning platforms without being distracted or interrupted. And the most important part, this system helps you establish a strong and healthy relationship with your children which makes them responsible and accountable whilst excelling in their studies and classes. It is nowhere close to spying as it instils a sense of maturity and reliability amongst the children and develops a wholesome family environment.

So, in this next phase of lockdown and school closure, it is highly advisable to make these e-learning platforms do their part of imparting knowledge and education and that you do your part to create a safe, distraction-free environment of learning within your home so that your kids are focused and concentrated and they excel in their classes as well as in their lives.

With iKydz award-winning internet controls you can:
• Filter content
• Schedule online access
• Block unsuitable websites and apps
• Apply restrictions to YouTube
• Block or manage access to social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat
• Manage access to online games such as Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft.

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