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iKydz Service with iKydz Wifi

Was €99


with 12 month subscription at €49.99

iKydz Service with Wifi Plus

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with 12 month subscription at €49.99

iKydz Service with Wifi Pro

Was €169


with 12 month subscription at €49.99

Suitable for most homes Suitable for homes with faster internet Suitable for larger homes with ultra-fast internet
Simple to setup iKydz wifi box. Connects to your existing router.
Protect an unlimited amount of internet devices on home wifi.
Controls all types of internet devices in the home including phones, tablets, laptops, smart tv’s & game consoles.
Protect up to 3 iOS or Android devices on the go*
Set up and manage an unlimited amount of family members
One-Click family protection
iKydz Award-Winning Premium features, filters, internet access, blocks & unlimited rules
Control all devices on home wifi and on the go from the easy to use iKydz Parent Controller App
Standard 2.4 GHz wifi
LAN ports to control wired devices 1 2 2
Internal antenna for normal home wifi range
5 GHz wifi for faster internet x
1 Gigabit throughput for ultra-fast internet x x
External antennas for greater wifi range x x
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*Further ‘on the go’ devices can be added to your subscription at checkout.