iKydz Pro + Mobile Annual Subscription Bundle

$196 $161 now,
then from $50 / year

Get total internet control in home & mobile

Our amazing bundle offer gives you 25% off an iKydz wifi Pro with an annual subscription to iKydz Mobile.

iKydz Wifi Pro lets you control an unlimited amounted of internet connected devices on your home WIFI (phones, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc)

iKydz Mobile subscription lets you control up to 3 android mobile devices on any 3G or 4G network. All this with just one app on your phone.

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iKydz Wifi Pro

Parental Internet Control on WIFI - and super fast!

All of iKydz Home functionality, only faster and with more LAN ports. Easily manage any internet connected device in your home, all with one app on your phone!

$139 $104

iKydz Mobile Annual Subscription

iKydz Mobile lets you easily manage your kids' online time when they are on 3/4G. All with just one app on your phone. iKydz Mobile is currently supported for your children's Android mobile devices (Android version 5 and higher). We will be supporting your children's iOS devices shortly.