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Apple investors are concerned.

Investors in Apple have recently published an open letter to Apple stating their concerns for smartphone addiction and the effects it has on children and teens.

Jana Partners and CalSTRS are two major investors in Apple whom combined, hold shares of approx $2 Billion in the tech giants company.

Apple have responded to the concerns stating that the company “always takes the safety of its users into account”.

They defended their products by stating that “The company’s operating system has built-in controls that enable parents to control and restrict content, including apps, movies, websites, songs and books.”  However as a result of the concerns from the investors, Apple have promised to add new features and a more robust functionality to its parent controls.

The investors have decided that the current parental controls are simply not enough and they call for more to be done from the “Innovators of technology”.

They state that there have been numerous studies to confirm smartphone addiction is a direct link to childhood depression.

Child Friendly Smartphone

Apple investors have called for a “Child Friendly Smartphone” to be introduced in future versions of the product. Coincidentally, we here at iKydz are also a huge fan of this idea and it is a product we are currently working on. Watch this space!

In the meantime, if you are concerned about your child’s iPhone or Internet exposure we have a solution for you.

iKydz is a device that allows you to easily monitor and control how much time your children are spending on the internet and what apps they are able to access. iKydz is the simplest and most powerful tool available to help parents achieve this goal. More information on iKydz is available here.

With iKydz  award-winning internet controls you can:
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• Block unsuitable websites and apps
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