The photo sharing app Snapchat can be dangerous for multiple reasons; your child chatting with strangers, sending inappropriate photos, showing contacts their exact location etc. However, there are some ‘Snapchat games’ you may not have heard of, and they can be inappropriate and damaging to your child’s mental health.

The aim of this Snapchat game is to get answers from your contacts. The person will post a screenshot of questions. Each question has an emoji attached to it, and possible answers. For example, the question ‘Do I trust you?’ is accompanied by an emoji, and the possible answers ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’. This picture will be posted to the users story, and contacts will respond with the emoji of the question they want answered. The user will answer the question. Oftentimes, the response is shown publicly on their story.

This may seem innocent, however, some questions posted by the youngsters are not age appropriate. For example, some questions include “Would i smash you?” and “Would I care if you died?”. Other questions include “Are you ugly?” and “Do I hate you?”. Obviously, some of the answers to these questions could be negative, and become a form of cyber bullying. The answers to these questions can often be cruel and lead to serious consequences for a child’s mental health.

Our Advice

If your child is on Snapchat and you think they are too young to be involved in these games, the best thing to do is restrict or block the app. Restricting the app and setting a schedule allows you to manage how long they spend on Snapchat and when they use it. Blocking the app completely ensures that your child has no access to Snapchat.

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