So, Snapchat… What is all the fuss?

One of the appealing features on Snapchat are the Filters which allow the users to create effects both visually and with sound to make their ‘Snaps’ more interesting and attractive. However, another appealing aspect of this app is the fact that children will most likely use snapchat as parents are less likely to use it. This gives children a sense of online independence that could potentially lead them down a very dark path

Group Chats

Be involved in unlimited amount of chat groups

Video Chat

Easily chat on video with anyone in your contact list

Audio Chat

Send and receive audio voice messages

What parents should know about Snapchat

Disappearing Snaps

Snaps only stay viewable for 10 seconds

Send Photos Privately

Send and receive an unlimited amount of photos privately

Easy To Use

Very simple to use, even for children

What can you do on Snapchat?

Users can post photos or videos to their ‘Stories’ which will eventually disappear automatically in 24 hours. You can watch and comment on other user’s stories. There is a private messaging feature which allows users to send private video, audio or photos to each other.

How do you register?

To sign up, all you do is enter your name, date of birth, username & password and an email address for verification. Straight away you can see that it is extremely easy to produce false details about who you really are. A perfect window for cyber bullies and online predators.

Sexual Predator Concerns for Parents

Anonymous Users – Users are allowed to remain anonymous under whatever screenname they choose to use.

Adult Pictures – There are no restrictions on the types of pictures that may be sent over Snapchat. If fact, Snapchat is widely considered to be a “sexting” app that allows users to send naked pictures to other people.

Ability To Save Pictures – Though children may believe that Snapchat pictures and videos will automatically be destroyed after 10 seconds, the reality is that users are able to save images shown for much longer than that. Individuals can accomplish this by simply using the screenshot feature on smartphones.

The Dangers of Snapchat

Content in the Discover feed can be inappropriate for tweens and teens.

The app is very popular with students – 54% of US teens report using Snapchat every day. 30% of users use the app because their parents do not.

Due to its temporary nature, many teens might post riskier content on Snapchat than on other social networks.

Anyone with your child’s username can see their Snaps or send them direct messages.

A new feature makes it easier to share content to other platforms (even if the content was originally intended to remain private)

iKydz is an ideal parental control app for parents to ensure their kids are not being exposed to inappropriate content on Snapchat or other social networks.

The Dark Side of Snapchat

All of these points make it ideal for an anonymous user to create a fake account, initialise contact with a child in a friendly fashion in order to gain their trust, build a relationship and quickly escalate the topic of conversation to one of a dark and disturbing nature.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, parents are not fully aware of how dangerous it can be for children to be online unsupervised and unrestricted. The most innocent of children can be brainwashed and potentially subjected to mental and irreversible damage.

Parents, do not be naïve. Every bicycle needs stabilisers for children to learn how to cycle. Every car needs a seatbelt in order to drive safely. You would not send your child into an R-Rated movie in the cinema. Why should we treat the Internet any differently?

Keep your kids safe online with iKydz. The ultimate parental control app for parents. iKydz was designed by parents to keep children and young people safe online. It is one simple device and one simple app for parents to protect unlimited amount of devices on the home internet network.

Block or Set Schedules on Snapchat With iKydz

Every family home needs parental controls on the internet. Keeping children safe online is now just as important as keeping kids safe in the car. It’s a necessity.

Purchase your iKydz unit today and immediately begin to filter out inappropriate content, control time online and monitor all Internet activity from your children. Use iKydz to improve your Internet education and communication with your children.

iKydz give parents the ability to limit access to or block completely dangerous social media apps such as Snapchat. Giving your child a mobile phone is a big decision, make sure you are protecting them.

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