As parents, we warn our children about the dangers of chatting to strangers online. However, for the parents in these social experiment videos, their worst nightmares came to life when their children made contact with strangers online, and agreed to meet with them.

A YouTube channel called Coby Persin creates social experiment videos, where he constructs fake situations in public to see people’s reactions. A few of Persin’s videos show parents the dangers of social media, particularly the dangers of chatting with strangers on social media sites. The YouTuber makes fake Facebook profiles of young teenagers, adds children (with the permission and co-operation of their parents) and lures them into meeting in person. The outcome of the experiments are frightening.

The Dangers of Social Media

YouTuber Coby Persin posted this social experiment video showing parents the danger of social media. He poses as a 15 year old boy on Facebook, and adds three young girls aged 12, 13 and 14. He chats with these girls online, and with the permission and co-operation of their parents, he convinces them to meet in person.

Coby successfully meets with the girls in person, varying from meeting in a park, to luring them into a car, or going to their house. This highlights the incredible dangers of social media. Some of these girls had previously been warned by their parents about the exact situation they got themselves into- online predators luring children.

The girls in this social experiment video made a lucky escape, but unfortunately children are lured everyday by predators posing as young teenagers online. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are perfect platforms for child abductors and predators to lure children into meeting them.

Predators Target Boys too, not just Girls.

This YouTube channel highlights that boys are also at risk when using social media. Coby Persin re-created the same social experiment, but uses a fake girls profile instead, and lures young boys online. This social experiment was done with the boys’ parent’s permission and co-operation.

Coby poses as Amanda, a young teenage girl. He adds John, age 13, Jordan, age 14 and Thomas, age 12 as friends on Facebook. He spends a few days chatting to each of them, and convinces them to meet in person.

The Solution

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