iKydz Study Aid

Limit social media interruption

Manage all your kids’ internet-connected devices using our simple plug and play technology. Limit social media interruptions to their phones, tablets or laptops during school and study hours. Simply plug in our iKydz WIFI box, download our app and apply your rules.

Focused learning

We group all online learning resources into a single category called e-learning. Improve your kids’ focus during study and online learning by allowing access to all things e-learning, and block access to all other categories during school or study time. All with a few clicks on your phone.

Make home schooling easier

Manage all your children’s internet devices using a single app on your phone. Life in lockdown is challenging, so we make it easier for you to manage all your children’s devices with our plug and play smart technology.

Focused online learning is a click away

Kill the distractions. Focus on study.

Remove the online distractions and get your kids focused during school and study. Easily limit access to social media, YouTube, gaming and all other non-educational online resources while they are supposed to be at school or study.

Focus on Study

Remove YouTube & other temptations during school & study

Set study time access

Use our e-learning button to Allow access to online educational resources only.

Kill online distractions

Our kids cannot focus with the constant ping of online notifications

Restrict social media & messaging

Prevent access to social media and messaging apps to avoid distraction during online school or study.

Online Supervision

You've got work to do as well, so let us supervise for you

No need for constant supervision

Block and limit access to all unnecessary websites and apps during school and study. All with a few clicks on your phone.

Physical Activity

Turn off the internet during break time, and get your kids outside.

Limit the use of internet

Set periods of the day where the internet is not available. Ensure that your child gets out into the real world.

Internet overuse

Kids are being schooled online and study online. They need a screen break.

Set internet access time

Set an appropriate amount of time that your children spend online and apply that time to all of your children’s devices.

Inappropriate Content

Remove the risk of your kids sharing or viewing inappropriate content

Set Age-Appropriate Content Filters

Set age-appropriate restrictions to limit access to adult content, including on YouTube.

Gaming Limits

Set limits to prevent your kids gaming during school or study.

Set Gaming Blocks, Filters and Access Times

Set game-specific blocks to prevent use or times when your child is allowed to play.

Quality of Sleep

Content is now available 24/7 and impacts on your kid's time asleep.

Set bedtime access rules

Bedtime rules are set up as standard and prevent access to the internet when your kids need their rest.

Features that make your life Easier

Introducing child profiles

Set up a profile for each of your family with their own customisable colours. Assign each of your devices to a family member, and their internet rules are automatically applied to every device.

If your children have friends visit, you can even apply your child’s rules to their friend’s devices when they connect to your wifi network.


Simple Rules. Cutting-Edge Tech.

The power behind this app is cutting-edge, but what’s really smart is that it has been made simple and easy to use for every user.

  • Block or give access time to the most popular apps and websites
  • Remove unwanted apps on your child’s Android device
  • Block inappropriate content with web category filters
  • Block any website with custom web blocks
  • Set specific internet access times for each child
  • Make the web a safe place to search with SafeSearch.
  • View your family’s internet usage reports.
  • Apply different rules to each child and all of their devices.
  • Apply the same wifi rules to visiting children’s devices

Give your kids their best chance for online learning