At iKydz,

we invite families to take part in a 6 week challenge where they participate in weekly events which do not involve their mobile phones, iPads or games consoles.

You’ll find our weekly event suggestions below, feel free to add your own too. We want to encourage parents and children to enjoy each others company without the need to feel constantly connected to their devices.

Week 1: Family BBQ.

If the weather doesn’t permit, cook a meal indoors together. Get out the recipes, get the kids involved and have some fun! Something as simple as rice crispy buns can create new family memories!

Week 2: Go for a family hike.

Need inspiration on walking trails? Check this link out

Week 3: Bike Ride

Go for a family bike ride. City parks rent out bikes for very reasonable prices. Bring a picnic and make a day of it.

Week 4: Get creative

Together as a family, draw pictures, paint, build lego. Build sand castles, whatever it is you feel like doing, do it together and make sure to leave the phones at home!

Week 5: Take a little day trip

Take a little day trip to somewhere fun. A local beach, A waterfall, what about a fun park that is close by? We don’t mind you using a screen to google these 😉 But after that, screens down. Family time!

Week 6: Street party

Gather your neighbours around, get them involved and organise an end of summer street party. These are great for bonding with family and your neighbours.

Summer Time!

Here at iKydz, we want children to make the most of their summer, outdoors but we know how challenging it can be for them to pull themselves away from their devices. That’s why iKydz make it easy for you. Simply install a “Summer” Schedule in your iKydz App and jump into summer and out of the screens! Don’t bury your head in the sand this summer, be prepared and protect your kids online! With iKydz, we make taking a break from the screens a breeze!

Parent’s Reviews

Just want to post my ikydz experience….It works!!! My eldest daughter didn’t like me for a while but now she’s used to her schedule life is much easier for us all. I’ve had a few teething troubles due to my BT home hub and some difficulties with setting up restricted sites at homework times (due to my ineptitude) but Ikydz customer support has been excellent, sorting things out quickly and efficiently , the company deserve great success for an amazing product and great support.

Simon Holmes
iKydz Parent User

Downloaded onto android phone and android tablet. Works great and the new format makes a lot of sense. One issue with current provider (virginmedia) very hard to access the app when at home, much easier on 4g.

Eamon Henderson
iKydz Parent User

Great app and a great device. If you want to keep your family safe when their online and be able to control the time spent on their phone, PlayStation, Xbox even laptop. Get Ikydz.

John Byrne
iKydz Parent User

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